You Are Lovely… Happy Women’s Day

But today is about celebrating all the women in your life…

This is for all of the women in my life that are reading this email today… I LOVE YOU AND THINK YOU ARE LOVELY AND AMAZING!

I do really have a big heart otherwise I wouldn’t be doing what I love every day working hard to share my yoga practice, being a strong businesswoman trying to grow and learn from it each and every day to help and share that we can follow our dreams… it’s not easy… but NOTHING in life worth it ever is.

RIGHT NOW STOP…. make a list of ALL THE STRONG WOMEN in your life right now:

  • who inspire you
  • help you when you are down
  • someone that you go to for advice when you need it
  • even someone you have never met before that from afar make wants to be the best person you can be every day

Today I’m think of:
I am so lucky to have strong women in my life… from my mini yogis class Lucy, Grace, Pearl, Kara, Mia, and Thea…. who make Monday mornings at 9:00 am so much fun… who teach me how to do yoga some days. Meanwhile, their mothers are coming up with another way to make the world a better place in our small community in VP and Perth.

I have amazing friends who still keep in contact with me from my previous jobs at Lotterywest and ADF in Melbourne. I can keep naming friends I have all over the world but this email would be too long… you all know who you are!!!

The only other 3 most important women in my life are the following:
1. My WILLPOWER to endure whatever comes… comes from beautiful mother who turns 65 today on International Women’s Day (Happy Birthday Mom?)
2. My STRENGTH in life comes from my ALMOST 103 Lola (grandma)

3. My BEING comes from ME…. as much as I LOVE all the women in my life …. that love… I give out has to be returned to myself too because the most important person in the world is YOU!
Sparkle Retreat
Trust me…
No one will ever care and love you as much as you do…
You are the only one responsible for taking care of your nourishing your body with water and food…
Making sure you get the exercise you need to stay active and healthy
You are the only one that makes sure you get out of bed in time to go to work…
You make you work and by that… the being inside you is what makes you feel ALIVE… no one else… you can be influenced but ultimately it is you allowing yourself to feel love, feel sad, feel happy… you control you… no one else.

In order for you to live… and live a HAPPY life… it’s important to make sure the above basic things in life are your most constant structure… for me, I get this all through my yoga practice.
Yoga moves my body
The practice helps me have a healthy eating habit because moving my body so much with not good food doesn’t feel awesome.
Meditation calms my mind and allows me to understand my feelings and turn off the auto-pilot mode of just thinking too much or worrying about things that I can’t control.

Yoga isn’t the only way to live a HAPPY life… but it is a tool that people use to help MAINTAIN a constant routine for a healthy lifestyle that literally ANYONE can use.

YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON… if you are a male or female all of the above applies!!! Today we celebrate all women so if you are a women make sure you put your NAME at the top of the list is what I want you to take away from this whole message.

Everyone still reading this…I encourage you to do something nice for another woman today or maybe yourself!



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