What is YOtoGrAphy?

I want to blend my photography and yoga backgrounds to highlight the attributes of yogis. Words and pictures can work in partnership to enable yogis to promote their stories in pose and in pictures. We have a message so why not use the best format to get that message out.

My Misson

My mission is to collaborate with the yogi community to promote ourselves in the best possible light. We all have stories to share. This could include why you love this yoga practice to business expertise including yoga teacher training, events and product lines.

I want to connect this yoga community local, national and internationally to enhance it through imagery and real yogi stories.

Share your knowledge and experiences both with our community and the outside yoga world. Ask for feedback. Networking can only make our community stronger.

Where I have been hunting…

Yogi’s Hunted Cities Countries Festivals/Events
11 Los Angeles, Cali USA
20 Oahu, Hawaii USA Wanderlust 2016, 2017
54 Melbourne Australia Soul Pose
22 Perth Australia
107 4 2 3

Updated 23 May 2017

Sharing your story:

I will post a photo of you on my social media channels and my website and include the following information about you in the caption. I will include any or all links to your social media names so please provide as much information so I can share your links or your studio’s links. YOtoGrAphy is about sharing your story to build a bigger community through yoga and photography.

YOGI: Name
AGE: (optional)
STUDENT: How long have you been practising?
TEACHER: How long have you been teaching or who is your teacher?
RESIDE: Where do you live?
YOUR STUDIO: Where you teach or practise yoga
WHY DO YOU LOVE YOGA? Share to everyone why you love your practise so much

What is included:

  • FREE initial mini photoshoot [15-20 minutes] or longer if you choose
  • Receive 3 high resolution photos
  • FOLLOW me on Instagram + Facebook
  • Give photo credit in captions and tag all photos you post on your own social media channels
  • Hashtag #YOtoGrAphy in all photos
  • You will receive a photo gallery link of the images and will be able favourite the top 3 FREE photos
  • Any additional photos you would like to purchase from the shoot will cost $20 AUD per image
  • If you would like to purchase the whole gallery this price is negotiable based on how many photos were taken.



As the first photoshoot is FREE and there is no obligation to purchase any photos. I now offer to participants the option to donate to YOtoGrAphy if you are wanting to support my efforts. In addition to receiving the 3 free images you can make a donate the following amounts and I will release additional images!!!! AMAZING YAH!
$50 donation – receive 2 images
$75 donation – receive 4 images
$100 donation – receive 6 images

 Terms & Conditions:
  1. PHOTOGRAPHY RELEASE FORM – To participate in YOtoGrAphy you will be required to sign a Photography General Release
  2. Follow me on www.facebook.com/kimwilliamsphotos or Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kimwilliamsphotos/ Give photo credit and tag all photos @kimwilliamsphotos you post on your own social media channels and hashtag #YOtoGrAphy in all photos
  3. Lastly if you enjoyed hanging out doing photos and love the images and want to give me a review ???? or rate ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ my work that would be wonderful on www.facebook.com/kimwilliamsphotos/reviews/
  4. **Prices may be subject to change and may vary if photoshoot is altered specifically for client**
  5. **Non commercial – Personal Use means that you are only allowed to use the photos for your website/social media channels. If you wish to use a photo commercially you will be required to contact me for further permission**