YOGi FAMILY Lenny + Joe + Thea


1. What is your favourite yoga pose? (name one or a few if you can’t just name one)

Child’s pose. I know it a super simple one but its one of the only poses that stretch my back properly which is important after having back problems since I was a kid. 

I also think when I can nail Dancer it will become one of my favourites.

2.What part of the yoga practice do you connect with most? (Physical workout/ Body awareness/ mindfulness / spiritually/ All) 

I started doing yoga with Kim and then had a pretty traumatic event happen in my life. When I first started it was all about the physical workout. These days it is more about the mindfulness and feeling connected with me. It helps to anchor me, slow me down and forget about my anxiety for a couple of hours each week.

3. What draws you to come to my class? (Music/Class size/Location/Yogi Kim/Other)

There are a couple of reasons why I go to Kim’s classes. The first big draw card for me was the class size. I am not the most coordinated person in the world and the thought of being in a big studio with hardcore yogi’s put me off trying yoga in the first place. Kim’s classes are small and intimate which means if I fall over I don’t worry about 20 people seeing me. 

The second reason is Kim. Her happiness and love for yoga are infectious. She is honest about most things in life which is incredibly refreshing. I do her morning classes which always puts me in a good mood for the day.

4. Do you see yourself doing yoga throughout your life?

At first, yoga was meant to be a way to do some low impact exercise and something different. Now it’s incorporated into my daily life with my kids. I never thought I’d be one of those people who practices yoga each day and now I can’t imagine a day passing without doing a few poses. 


Joe: tree pose and happy baby 

Joe sees himself doing yoga when he is a big boy but not when he is old like mum and dad ? 

Reasons why I chose you as an instructor for the kids – you’re fun, you modify the moves to fit kids but still keep rather true to the poses, you connect with Joe which is actually very difficult as he is very shy and reserved with most people

Thea: I yoga mummy! (While standing in tree pose)

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