YOGi Adele

YOGi Adele - Yogi Hunter

Yogi Adele 

What is your favourite yoga pose?

Wild thing or Koundiyasana 

What part of the yoga practice do you connect with most? (Physical workout/ Body awareness/ mindfulness / spiritually/ All)

Body, breath and mind connection – it is all connected. when your inner state is at peace, it shows up powerfully on your outer state. your actions, your words, your behaviour – you just glow and you can master anything that comes your way.

What draws you to come to my class? (Music/Class size/Location/Yogi Kim/Other)

The tight knit community, the sense of ohana,  the sharing of similar core values and the love of how yoga moves my body and changes it in ways I don’t foresee or cannot predict.

Do you see yourself doing yoga throughout your life?

Yes, for me, yoga is a life long practice, I don’t think there’s an end point where I become invincible. With each practice, yoga continually humble me in my mind, body and spirit.

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