Yoga Hacks

This part 1 of my Yoga Hacks I have to share with you in this video…

Please ignore my GIANT spot on my face but I am trying to follow through with my weekly videos and also be REAL!

Yoga Hack #1
Leggings – Keep It Simple… it doesn’t matter what brand your wearing your yoga mat doesn’t care!

Yoga Hack #2
Keep A Journal Next To Your Bed
– write out 5 things you are grateful for everyday before bed or in the morning

Yoga Hack #3
NO EXCUSES – Practice everyday –  A simple Sun Salutation A Flow is sometimes all you need in your day to spark joy or energy in to your body

Yoga Hack #4
Multi-Tasking Meditation – Do a face mask or a hair mask before you meditate as they usually need 10-20 minutes to set on your skin/hair…perfect time for you to enjoy your daily dose of meditation

Yoga Hack #5 
Yoga Mat Storage – Store a pair of socks inside your yoga mat just in case you decide to go to a yin yoga class or restorative flow so you can keep your body warm…. nothing worth than having cold feet to distract your focus

Yoga Hack #6
Find A Spot At Home – 
That you can go to just sit and BREATH… it’s important to find a spot that you know you can just be still … especially when you are upset or angry that you can find your centre and focus again

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