1. New Booking Schedule System – Momoyoga 
After trialling a few systems, I wanted to get a simple easy to use the software. Like before you can book online through my website or download Momoyoga app as I am no longer using Mindbody schedule.

DOWNLOAD APP Momoyoga – Apple  + Android 



I have opened up a new business bank account with Bankwest to add more annoyance to my life and yours!
But with all the new changes I feel like it’s a fresh start for the new upcoming financial year!


  • The new system is connected Paypal + credit card … thank you for your input on this in the FB Group
  • Bank transfer – please let me know if you pick these options so I can make a note by sending me a bank receipt
  • Cash is accepted but not preferred

I have tried my best to keep this simple, easy and AFFORDABLE! With this pricing change, my hope is to inspire you to have a more dedicated practice!

The MAJOR change in PRICING is there are 2 options. Paying casually or buying a membership which has 2 options vs long period class packages.

Classpass is for 1 casual class 
You can’t commit to yet and need flexibility $20 casual class (Kid Yoga $15 and MiNi YOGiS $10)

Membership is for 2 or more classes 
Unlimited access or a few classes with a short expiry to inspire you to be more motivated in your practice

Also, I priced it simple with $105 Unlimited access or 6 classes for $105 trying to be fair for both people that want a deal for unlimited or for those who want flexibility.

If you buy the 6 for $105 and decided you want to do more classes in the month then you can just buy a casual class. Then the next month buys an unlimited.

With this new pricing, I won’t do any sales for the next few months to see how it works.