Why I don’t eat meat

Why I decided not to eat meat anymore…

Even though I do… because fish is meat so I do eat meat… I just choose not to eat all the other types.

Most yogis are known to be vegetarians or vegans, and I can’t speak for them, but it probably is because to reach enlightenment your body also needs to be clean and light just like your mind.

Also because we are moving our bodies around so much we stop craving bad foods. I noticed after a month of practising every day when I first started practising my food cravings stopped, and I started craving good foods. It sounds unreal, but for me, yoga help breaks those naughty food habits. That’s not to say I don’t have bad food habits today because I do… I love dark chocolate and halloumi cheese.

My history with meat… I am the girl who grew up on a farm since I was 10-18… my mom told me not to get attached to the cows or pigs… so we named the 2 cows Steak and Burger and the 2 pigs Pork and Chop… (True Story) I love animals, but I understood that I also ate them as part of lifestyle. Growing up on a farm was a life experience… I had to learn all sorts of stuff that most of us never know or see. I had to learn the to process of killing chickens and had to even pluck hairs off the body… the smell OMG…?

horrible… top 3 worst experience… but that’s what life was like on a farm… and happy to never experience them again. I could seriously write a novel on all the stuff that happened on our farm ?

But even then… it didn’t stop me from eating meat…

At the age of 30 it was October 2015 did I decide I wanted to give up meat… well because I wanted to see if I could do it. During my yoga training in LA, our teacher said to give up meat as a challenge for a week to see how we felt… so I did… I also cut out dairy products and I loved it. LA has a lot of vegan food and restaurants so it was the perfect place to start this diet. I started to learn how to cook with vegetables and it was a challenge but I LOVE a good challenge.

Once I opened my mind up to vegetarian diet I got more curious and started discovering many documentaries (Forks Over Knives) out there that are educating us on the impact the meat industry has on earth and more importantly our HEALTH. I know of a lot of friends who have chosen to stop eating meat and go vegan purely because of the impact the meat industry has on the environment.

We never stop to really think why we eat certain foods… we just do it because we were born eating meat… but unfortunately, we aren’t living in the same world we use too…so many we shouldn’t just be doing the same things we were brought up doing because it’s a habit and our current way of living…

My WHY is simple… eating meat is like smoking cigarettes to me…

It’s hard to understand how meat impacts our bodies because we can’t see inside us. But it takes 2 days to fully digest meat depending on your body and what you ate. So if you are eating it EVERY DAY… your insides are just stacking up with meat on top of meat and if you aren’t burning it off every day it just sticks to your insides.

So I think of meat the same way I think of cigarettes… I know I can have a smoke and it’s not going to kill me today but over time if I keep smoking it will cause damage internally. Sure I could eat meat from time to time as a treat but it’s kind of like having a cigarette casually or being a social smoker… it still ain’t good for you and it’s harder to quit.

The meat produced today is also not great quality and I do not have a lot of faith in grocery stores selling meat products.

At the end of the day if I want to live to 104 like my grandma (Lola) who is still alive today…well I gotta take care of my body as it’s the only things that matter for me to live a LONG HEALTHY life.

We eat food to stop cravings and hunger but I eat food mindfully so that I can not just be healthy today but for the rest of my life.

I decided to bring certain foods back into my life…

Like salmon and cheese and the answer is simply because I enjoy them. However, I only have them once a week maybe and I am very MINDFUL when I make the choice to eat these foods. They are a treat for me versus an everyday meal.


I think that sometimes when we label ourselves “vegetarian or vegan” we can get caught up in that title which makes it then unpleasant for us socially. I have always thought it’s best NOT to label ourselves anything and do what FEELS good. If eating meat feels good for you then eat it… I still cook meat for my partner Tony and my family as I am actually good at cooking it. LOL

But for me, I enjoy eating no meat (only fish) it is now programmed into me. I can have fish socially at restaurants with other veggie dishes. One day I might cut fish and dairy out completely again… who knows. But I do know that meat is tasty and lovely to eat if consumed in the right balance… but I also know a lot of us to struggle with keeping the balance with what we eat. It’s like the hardest challenge for most of us… which is why for me… it is simply easier to just not eat meat at all.

I made a lifestyle choice to feel lighter in my body as I do move my body 4-5 times a day in my yoga practice. I simply want to live healthier and longer lifestyle. This is my journey to not eating meat but this may not be yours ever and that is totally cool… I’m not sharing this to convince you to not eat meat but just share my experience as I have been asked a few times and thought it would be a good story to share with you as we all have different reasons why we do things.

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