why am I covered in Sparkles in my photos….. ✨Soul Sparkle Retreat✨

Sparkle Retreat Sparkle Retreat



You have might have noticed a lot of photos recently that has me in covered in sparkles!!!! 

If you have joined me in yoga class then you have probably seen these sparkles on my yoga mat and around the tent!!! 

Or maybe you have seen some of my recent photography work become MORE Sparkly covering women’s naked bodies!!!! 

I have made a beautiful friendship/connection with Soul Sparkle Owner Caryn Hough who is also a multi-talented yoga teacher like myself. 

We both share a love of sparkles so automatically we connected!!! 

She has invited me to part take in her Soul Sparkle Retreat this coming October to do the yoga hike and shoot some sparkly photos for her! This retreat is not like any other yoga retreat as it has so much more to offer for women who want discover more about themselves through self-love. 

Please take a moment if this interest you and click the link below to see how many amazing workshops/yoga/meditation/sparkle session/nutrition is going to be happening at this retreat!

Email Caryn@soulsparkleretreat.com she would love to discuss it in more detail to you!

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