Where To Shop For Your New Sustainable Lifestyle

Well, I am excited about this post because I know when I first started out I was a bit lost and felt overwhelmed learning about sustainability. I just started googling stores so to make life easier for you…here are the FAVOURITE brands that I follow regularly and buy their products personally.

1. Firstly always support brands that are local in your area…check out your local market booths or within your country is the best place to support efforts made close to you.

2. Read the “About” or “Our Story” page on the website to get the vibe of the brand/company you are supporting so you can connect with their purpose and see if it aligns with yours.

3. Check out what charities they might support is another cool way to align with the brand

Sooo KAPPI brand was created by husband and wife Fred and Em there vision is simple… “Our vision is to End Plastic Pollution” only created in 2017 and flourishing. If I didn’t have a metal razor already I would get their new bronze one they have coming out soon! Excited to be able to give you 10% off their products using the link provided below. All YOGi HUNTER TRiBE followers… just type in YOGIHUNTER10 each time you shop.  Don’t forget to use my link here every time you shop.



Seed & Sprout

I wanted to become a brand ambassador for these two brands because I admire so much what they are doing to encourage people to start living a sustainable lifestyle and giving them the products they need to start.
Seed & Spout Owner is Sophie from Byron Bay started her business because she couldn’t find a lunchbox suitable for her son’s needs. She always cared about the environment so she did a Kickstarter Campaign for her lunchbox it was a massive success….which has lead to many more sustainable products that you will want the whole collection in your home.
Check out her thriving zero waste/plastic free sustainable business today don’t forget to use my link here every time you shop

The Wholesome Store

Finally…Ellie Watson is one of my favourite vegan instagram influencers who has created a sustainable online store with vegan products as well. She inspires me so much because she makes sustainability cool and stylish! She sells a variety of sustainable items beyond the kitchen which are amazing. I have her cutlery set and tried her protein mixes and her cookbook!

I hope you enjoy these brands as much as I do and follow along with their journeys. The best way to get into a new habit with sustainability is to follow brands that are aligned with your values and have their messaging come up first on your Facebook or Instagram feed to it is feeding your mind with positive information. Remember to use the links about to shop for all your sustainable items to get your discounts using the codes provided.

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