We Got Engaged!

This engagement business is very distracting in a WONDERFUL way! So much love has been received from family and friends all over the world which has been amazing to just feel and absorb.

We kept it a secret while we were in Bali only telling our parents because we wanted to stay in this love bubble for as long as we could. Tony also did it at the beginning of the trip scared that I might find the ring in the safety box. If you haven’t watched the video yet of the day he proposed please do!


The Effort That Goes Into The Proposal

I created this video of the footage we took on this day because I wanted to showcase all the effort he put into this day. I feel like the one partner goes through so much planning and effort to make the moment special but it never gets the full recognition it deserves!  It’s funny when you announce your engaged most people ask about the ring or even when you say it to people you automatically show the ring as a way of telling people… it’s hard for me to hide this new piece of jewellery on my finger when I teach yoga and I work a lot with my hands. Whereas Tony goes on as normal and has nothing to show off…so for him keeping it a secret was easy enough.

Tony planned this day last minute even though it looks well thought out and planned. I know this because he was bugging me about it whether we go to Nusa Penida or Ubud and I told him I didn’t care. He had to figure it out on his own because I had planned and decided most of the other stuff on the trip. I thought I’d let him plan this day trip and I would do Ubud later on the holiday.

So we decided to go to Nusa Penida for the day trip… but when we got there he surprised me with our accommodation a sunrise villa and explained we were staying the night.  I was soo happy as I didn’t want to drive around the whole island in one day as there were so many epic spots to see. We still didn’t even get to see them all in 2 days… we really needed a whole week there.

My butt hurt so much from the scooter journey’s around the island. It wasn’t a mood setter that’s for sure and the roads are horrible so my legs killed and felt like jello because I had to hold myself up on the scooter most of the ride.
In the end… surprise #2 was the BEST!!! Even though it was last minute and my legs were like jello… I kind of got “HANGRY” and my butt was sore… it was so worth it! He planned such an amazing day with so many epic spots to hang out at… obviously not knowing where he was going to ask the big question…. he made sure he had the surrounds to be amazing…with surprise #3 being the final one at Amok Sunset with a reserved hut!

But I’m so glad where he did because it was truly magical and I really didn’t expect it. I felt so bad for this girl taking so many photos of us… I kept telling him we had enough photos and to let the girl go. She was so kind she didn’t mind… not really know what he was doing or why he was soo insistent on keeping her around. BAHHHHH it was so surprising… and I cried once I got off that ladder which was very nervous being on with my jello legs.

What I Felt About Engagement rings

For a very very long time, I have always said NO engagement ring… I just a plane trip around the world. Being a wandering traveller for so many years it felt like a more important thing to obtain. But I guess that is also a very expensive gift to give just like a ring can be too.

What changed my mind?
Well being in love with Tony… I never really wanted to commit to being with someone this much in my life. After travelling the world and seeing so many places… I finally feel happy being in one place with someone I love that loves me back. Deep down I asked myself was it important for me to get engaged and get married… I meditated on it… wrote journals about it… even talked about it openly in Women’s Circles to figure out why I wanted to pursue this path. And I kept coming back to this place in my heart that I wanted to be traditional with this one element in my life. After so many years living outside the box, I wanted to CELEBRATE that symbolic exchange to another person… to me, it meant something and felt right.

Why Tanzanite Gemstone vs Diamond

Why A Tanzanite Gemstone vs A Diamond
I don’t really like wearing jewellery. Mainly because a lot of it moves around and just irritates me a lot. I take off watches and earrings and rings before bed.

So… because I never really liked the idea of having an engagement ring…. diamonds never really were my style. The black diamond in Sex In The City was the first time I thought it would be cool to wear one. I like colour in my life or a funky statement piece… it has always been my way of expressing myself. So diamonds just were never my style and didn’t suit me or my personality. I’ve tried diamond rings on and they just never felt right for me. They made me feel weird and uncomfortable all that sparkle…and I like sparkly things.
So when I discovered one of my favourite jewellers Violet Gray Designs was making bespoke engagement rings I totally sent “Drop A Hint” email to Tony.

Alex jewellery business was mainly making chakra necklaces which is how I started following her work… all the yogis loved her style of simple jewellery but with so much meaning. But she has now crossed over into making bespoke rings from women like me who are looking for something other than a diamond that has more meaning.

Alex and Tony worked together to craft this specific ring for me. I love violet and the teardrop design just SCREAMED different and unique…even though Tony preferred the round cut in white gold but knew that wasn’t my style and that I have a collection of rose gold pieces already.  I gave Tony a few ideas of simple rings and Australian Designers I liked but left it up to him to pick what ring to get me. As he had no clue what to do as he never had to make a custom design or buy an engagement ring before.

After a few months to design and 3 months sitting in Tony’s toolbox at work so I wouldn’t find it at home… I knew what I got when I looked down at Tony all I saw was the wooden box. For people who follow her regularly all know this box… it’s like seeing a teal Tiffany’s & Co Box!

Honestly… I feel so honoured to wear this ring and knowing that it was crafted specifically for me by Tony & Alex makes it so much more special. The meaning behind Tanzanite resonates with me as well (Core Message: Trust, Wisdom, Insight, Compassion.)The violet colour catches my eye all the time….I LOVE IT, CHERISH IT and wear it proudly!

Below I have shared from Violet Gray Website what Tanzanite gemstone is all about and the meaning behind it.

Name: Tanzanite

Origin: This precious stone was first discovered in 1967 in Northern Tanzania by Manuel d’Souza.

The name ‘Tanzanite‘ was given to the gemstone by Tiffanys & Co. after the stone’s country of origin for marketing purposes. The brand believed ‘Tanzanite‘ would increase interest from consumers compared to the scientific name ‘blue-violet zoisite’. Which name do you prefer? 

Interesting fact: After Sapphire, Tanzanite is the 2nd most popular gemstone.

Found: A very rare gemstone, Tanzanite is only found in the country of Tanzania, in its northern region.  

Core Message: Trust, Wisdom, Insight, Compassion.

Colour: A pleochroic gem, the colours brown, blue, and violet can all be seen when looking at Tanzanite from different angles, but the precious stone is most known for it’s deep blue. Even more amazing is the fact that while the blue can be enhanced by human technology, the richness of the gem’s colour, is natural!

Planning …👰🏻🤵🏻

It’s funny how something that I wanted… I have always felt scared to think about…now that I can… it is more daunting than ever!!! With our situation 🇦🇺 living far far away from 🇨🇦🇬🇧 family and friends. So far…. it’s not exactly a fun project as it gets pretty $$$ fast so get why it can get stressful on couples. We still have a Kombi to finish! 🤣🤣🤣

Nevertheless… we are soo excited to be together forever and I wanted to take the time to share this experience with you all because you always hear about people’s engagement but not all the details. So I thought some insight into the experience and afterwards and what it felt like for us.

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