This week is Mental Health Week in WA…

Which is why I offered my FREE meditation and yoga at yesterday’s Vic Park Farmer’s Market as I believe what we all need to start focusing on in our health is not just what we are doing for our bodies but more importantly to our MINDS… We NEVER rest them… we are always so “busy” running around doing our to do lists we forget to turn off our mind and rest…

I also agree that WA mantra Stronger Together…It starts in our communities… I am ALL about my Vic Park community because it’s my home and my students are my neighbours, my friends, my tribe which is why I love being part of the VP community because I believe they are the best!

For me, it’s not about having a million followers around the world… it’s about building a healthy community right in my own backyard. I want to make my local neighbours healthier and happier people so collective we can all have better lives and do more great things in the world.

HAPPINESS begins on the inside and projects outwards… we need to start feeding our bodies with love and positive mental feedback that





I tell people this all the time that our minds are the greatest POWER we can harness…  and we can sometimes use that power and turn it into a weapon of self-destruction if we are not careful how we are using it.

Meditation and Yoga can help you learn to change the directional patterns of your current mind flow into a more positive one.

Going to sleep isn’t enough to help us reset our bodies and minds… as we are using our minds on overdrive nowadays… it is going to take most of us more work like meditation and mindfulness to help us reduce our stress and anxiety.

Yoga is a practice that provides us with both….time to move our body and time to rest the mind unlike any other form of activity… which is the main reason why I love doing it personally and professionally.

We all have a busy schedule…so by doing yoga, you are killing 2 birds in one stone. It’s also a practice that does show progression without judgement because yoga teaches you that it’s about the journey and enjoying where you are at today is AWESOME and where you might be in a month or a year is still just AWESOME.

Yoga teaches us that loving ourselves today is the best gift you can ever receive.

Please note that I am always available to provide you with HAPPINESS and ENCOURAGEMENT if you are ever feeling low about yourself… I will be your happiness cheerleader for life if you need me to be. There is nothing worse than to feel horrible on the inside because of self-doubt, stress and anxiety about your life. I am your WONDER WOMAN for HAPPINESS!

GOOD VIBES ALWAYS…Wednesday 10 October is World Mental Health Day… make sure you book your class to come as everyone will get a little gift on Wednesday

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