Vino Yoga Movie Night

vino yoga nightSoooooo EXCITED for VINO YOGA MOVIE NIGHT!!!!! My projector has arrived and I have been sharing snaps on insta stories of movies and how it looks… follow me on Instagram to get all the sneak peaks otherwise I will doing a test tonight in the tent and share the set up of the night in the next weekly email.

I LOVE MOVIES…trust me ask my mom… I would stay up so late to watch a movie and pass out (see image below) My mom use to come home every week with a new DVD for me to watch from Blockbuster…HAHAHA remember renting movies and going into a shop and spending time walking down the aisles in each category trying to pick a movie for the night…. man those were the days!

I loved going to drive in movies as a kid which is why I am so excited to bring VINO YOGA MOVIE NIGHT to my yogi community as it’s nice to chill out on a Friday night with friends and do something together.

I am going to plan one once a month as I got a feeling this class is going to be EPIC… I will take you through a slow deep class to set the mood after a long week at work and we will then all CHEERS to a glass a wine! Then we will all find a spot in the tent to lay back and chill out to watch an inspiration video on life.

Let me know if you’re in by booking through the link below $35 to reserve your spot…

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