Victoria Park Council VOTED YES to the Yoga Tent

Sooo many people to thank!!!

Obviously the Victoria Park Counsellor for VOTING YES last night!!!!!! Bronwyn for creating an alternative proposal for my business to be approved. (below image is the votes all saying YES)

Yogi Sam is a Counsellor for South Perth. She has been the most optimistic cheerleader đź“Ł throughout this business application process. She was helping me understand how to create my plans for Town Planners, reading all my emails correspondence when I got stuck and had no clue what I needed to do. Sitting with me, writing my deputation and letting me rehearse it to her to make sure I touch on all the key points. Using her voice and knowledge of how Councils operate to guide me has helped me remain calm. I felt if she felt optimistic about it going ahead… I should have no reason to doubt her vibes. (below image of Sam and I writing my deputation) you can read it here if you missed it.

Rob Fittock: Yogi Jemma’s dad is an architect and past Counsellors for Fremantle. We met for coffee to discuss the drawings we presented to Town Planners. He came with me twice to the Council to driver the application and sat in a meeting with the Town Planner. Rob helped me feel so at ease because he was an experienced architect working as a Counsellors; his wisdom was beyond anything I could have hoped. (below image of his amazing work)


Yoga Tent parking plans

I realised that asking for his help was the best move I ever made as it helped the Town planners envision my parking and landscaping plans.

Working with these two people for the past ten months made me feel so at ease with the process as their knowledge and wisdom just guided me and let them do what they do best.

Massive feelings today!!!

I learnt so many valuable lessons but three lessons to highlight is to:

1. ASK FOR HELP when it’s not your area of expertise

2. Notice that people are willing to help you…

• Sam was a yogi student, and I knew she was a councillor
• Jemma told me her dad Rob would help me, but I was a bit shy to ask didn’t want to impose but so glad I did because we had such great conversations about life and all sorts!
• Last minute, I sent a quick text/insta/email out to a few yogis in the community to attend the Council meeting with me to give statements on the Yoga Tent to share their experience and how the space has helped them. Niru, Al, Pat, Emily, Tam, Saygan, Leonie, Kate, Charolette, Sam, Hannah and Tony
• The Yogi Tribe that showed up on the voting night to show never-ending support were fantastic Hannah, Joey, Lorraine, Claire, Christine, Kate and Tony.
Even the friends listening online LIVE on link Nick in the UK and Scotty in Melbourne were awesome to have your support. All that love and energy was genuinely felt to everyone following up with me with text messages and cheering for me from wherever you were.

3. Universal timing is everything!

We are constantly being taught in life to do something when things feel like they are going “wrong” or “bad”, but all the universe is telling us we are about to learn something massive.
The universe is creating an alert, kind of like a notification. This notification is for you to wake up to something BIG that you might have been ignoring, avoiding or maybe even clueless to.

In this specific case, I truly believe it all worked out exactly as it should… timing is everything.

Even though it sucked, living in uncertainty for ten months, feeling like my business was never going to open. That maybe the Council would never approve a business like mine that I was going to keep getting red tape toss at me again and again. It feels so good to have my business approved and fully supported by the Council. Looking back I believe it had to take this long for it to get to this point of approval for a variety of reasons…as we have been living in a world consumed by COVID-19 drama… lucky for us in WA there is space and room for us to think clearly about new ideas like my business had to offer the community.

I feel so proud of my tribe for helping me stand up for this small business.

I feel so amazed at myself for staying positive about the whole concept. There were moments of thoughts that went through my head, thinking maybe it was time to give it up.

I felt self-doubt, fear, anxiety, worry and stress … all the range of emotions went through me throughout the past 10 months to get to this conclusion of YES! I am so happy I went through them all but that’s what makes this moment so rewarding because I didn’t listen to my doubts… that I did believe in myself even when you want to give up.

Remember to never give up on your dreams no matter how many roadblocks you might get. To keep trying to find a way through it all because all those negative emotions will come up… but you don’t have to believe them.

I knew in my heart that no matter how my business grows, this Yoga Tent will always be part of that journey because the impact it has not just had on me, but a community of people is so unreal.

I am a firm believer that staying small isn’t a bad thing when it comes to a business. I know society tells us that we need to be BIG BUSINESS or have a significant following to be “successful.”

NOW more than ever, I honestly can say that this small Yoga Tent business is successful, and it always has been in my eyes, but now the community have spoken that this is a place they want to keep. This acknowledgement has help confirmed the beliefs I already had and I hope it inspires those who doubt their small businesses to not listen to those fears. Your business is special and it is successful as long as you keep believing in it.

It started out with a random idea to buy a big Bell Tent… I went for it… people liked it… years later it is confirmed!

Tony had doubts at the beginning, then saw it grow and loved it. Then felt maybe it’s time to let it go as well. But now, he has confirmation in his heart that we have created a special place in our backyard for our community, and it is something to be proud of.

What success looks like for ME!


  • Backpack of stuff
  • no job
  • single
  • two friends Bizzle & Kelvin – crashing at their house
  • my camera and a Yoga Teacher Training certificate

(not to discredit this stage in my life as I did feel pretty fabulous arriving in Perth ready to start my new life adventure just highlighting I had very little to showcase)


  • I own a home in East Victoria Park
  • Married to a wonderful supporting husband
  • So Many Amazing friendships
  • Yoga Tent business
  • A TRIBE of yogis who are ready to stand up and give statements to our Local Council because they believe in the Yoga Tent

It doesn’t take a lot of money, just a lot of LOVE and a cool idea (BIG TENT) that yoga does help people to be happy.

Finally, this experience working with Council has sparked new creative ideas about helping the environment. I am now drafting up an initiative that I hope to present to Council in the future. Watch this space!

Everything happens for a reason, even though we may not understand it fully at the moment when we feel things are not going our way. There is always magic happening that will soon shed massive light in due time. The key is to be aware and on the lookout for where you can be learning these life lessons as they aren’t always so apparent to us.

Trust that universe has your back just as long as you have your own!

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