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Location: Tegenungan Waterfall, UBud

Just wanted to share some photos if you haven’t already seen them on social media… here they are in larger digital viewing pleasure…

This was one of our favourite days together taking the scooter here to just hang out at the waterfalls and have a late lunch and scooter home before the sunset… trying very hard NOT to get lost.

I have way better skills at navigation than Tony does… THANKFULLY!

It’s a magical place Bali… especially when you love yoga as there is so many places to go to get into it… and I was so happy to have time to practice with Tony so he could enjoy his own practice as well.

We hope that in any way possible we inspire you to start your yoga practice today. We filmed this 20 minute flow in Bali if you want to try it for FREE. 

Lots of love always



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