I am so grateful when Syari officially became a Yoga Teacher for the Yogi Hunter Tribe…

End of the last year, my Lola (grandma 104 years old) passed away, and she meant the world to me. She would have celebrated her 105th birthday last week if she was alive today.

But we all know the saying when one door closes another one door opens

Syari was that door open for me as she came into my life so open and honest with me. Which are two values I uphold so much in my life?

When I told her about my Lola passing, you made no hesitation in saying to me to jump on a plane and go home to be with my family. That she would hold the fort back here not even teaching classes for a week. It was a relief as I have never been able to walk away from my business like this ever before. I usually close it down, and my students miss me for two weeks.

I have always done things on my own

My professional career before this was Executive Assistants to some of the most potent Executives in business.

I never had a luxury of being part of a team. My roles were always me managing other peoples lives and their needs before they knew what they had to do next. I knew all about the companies TOP SECRETS and was never allowed to discuss and vent over beers after work if my boss was pissing me off with co-workers as my reporting manager was always the CEO!

So the transition to be CEO of my own business … I guess looking back in hindsight makes sense though I never really thought of myself like that as a CEO. I just wanted to be a photographer, then learning about yoga was just so AMAZING it brought me to a WHOLE new level of understanding myself and life.

I just wanted to share this amazing yoga practise with EVERYONE as it just helps me become SO FUCKING HAPPY! I always felt happiness but yoga just elevated what I thought was happiness into a whole new world. I just felt like I had won the lottery and wanted everyone around me to feel the same way.

3.5 years into my own business Syari approached me about teaching even though I had mentioned to her; she could come to teach after she completed her YTT. As I always wanted teachers to come within the Yogi Hunter Tribe! As this space is unlike anything else out there.

It’s a real-life community meaning you come to class, and EVERYONE knows your name. 🎵

Sharing this community with another was a BIG DEAL for me as I’m sure it is for anyone who has ever started their own business. It’s your baby, and you want to protect it!

For me, as well my business is in the backyard of my home so their other levels of comfort. I’m so open to people coming into my house as I want to create a COMMUNITY space in East Vic Park… community meaning like traditional tribes where people gather around and talk and discuss and everyone knows each other in the close community. We know people so much online these days. I’m talking about OFFLINE community style… knowing the names of all your neighbours. But it was also making sure Tony felt comfortable as it’s not just my home it’s ours, and having his say was also significant.

We had known Syari for years coming to classes and her daughters that Tony was 100% on board when I brought this idea to him. As he loves Syari as many times, she comes over and leaves a pot of Thai curry on our doorstep as she made too much and doesn’t want it to go to waste. Or her fabulous veggie pies/ salmon pies!

I knew long before she did that she would make a great Yoga Teacher! It’s easy to see the potential in someone else before they have yet to see it in themselves. To be honest I believe the some of the best yoga teachers are just everyday people that offer kindness to others vs their abilities to do any specific yoga pose.

Syari has SHINED teaching some of the most beautiful classes I’ve been too. Her Yoga Nidra class was divine last week.

When I got married in March and Syari was an absolute legend running the business during a pandemic only three months into her working together. Now, after 1.5 of working being closed, we got together and discussed opening back up. This process alone was amazing to talk to another person about the business who was keen and excited to get back to work.

It’s so exciting to head into this journey now with someone by your side to be part of a team I get to create finally.

  • It’s nice to not work completely alone
  • To be able to let go and have faith in another
  • To get into alignment with the business and have another also feel that same passion
  • To allow myself to open the business to another that I kept so close to my heart for years

I feel like scared is the wrong word but part of me probably was always scared to let someone into my Yogi Hunter Team because I’ve never known what it actually feels like to work with as a team. It’s been an unknown and unfamiliar place for me to be. It was exciting to have Syari join the team but it was more than just my excitement it was the worry of how the community would resonate to her. It’s kind of like bring your new bf/gf home to meet your parents (LOL) Syari being my new girlfriend and my student being my parents that are seeking approval!

Regardless of it all…THEY APPROVED! It has worked out so AMAZING and couldn’t of wish it any other way. We have so much to create together and share with the Tribe this year…

To Syari – Thank you for wanting to be part of this journey with me

To the Yogi Hunter –  Tribe thank you for always reading, coming to class, commenting on Instagram, liking or sharing a post… all of this helps build the business to the next level.

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