Starting a business and following your dream are very different in your mind vs reality

Following your dream, today pretty much means STARTING A BUSINESS! It doesn’t matter what you want to call it whether it is your passion to be an actor or being a musician, a graffiti artist, photographer or a yoga teacher… it all comes down to you running your business/brand. Creating the actual art or performing it is what you truly love doing but getting it out there … getting noticed…. having people want to see more or buy more is a COMPLETELY different thing.
It means you have to SELL yourself… it means you have to put yourself out there in a BIG way for people to NOTICE you and what you have to offer the world, your country, your town, your local community… and that is a scary place to be because you are opening yourself up to be the judge. You have to actively put yourself out there and BE VULNERABLE! Something we all shy away from because NO one likes being judged… especially when you are so passionate about your gift that you want to share… and mine is teaching yoga. Let me tell you …business…following your dream… is hard work!!! But the saying goes…” nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.” This aspect of the business has never come easy for me…I’m not one to shout out to the world BUY BUY BUY… or trying to convince people that YOGA IS THE BEST THING FOR YOU…even though I believe it is. I know that I can’t convince anyone… it has to be you that wants to take on the journey.


There are so many layers and roles you have to play in running your business that you NEVER knew were part of the package when you just found your talent…
Following your dream means you have to put on many hats and swim in UNKNOWN waters. Learning about business taxes, GST, invoicing, paying suppliers, bookkeeping, website design, photography, editing, marketing, graphic design, video recording, video editing, content writing, customer service, professionalism, boundaries, policy making, time management, problem solving, professional development, IT support, being mentored, being a mentor and SOOOOOOOO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So if I wasn’t good or parts of my business I was wasting energy to just seek assistance and today there are so many options out there to help you out. Still… monitoring all aspects of business can draining and there are times I don’t get it right and I have to learn from my mistakes… but that doesn’t mean I give up. It just means I got to come up with new methods.


Last year as some of you know my tent crash on me and with the HELP from my LOVELY YOGi HUNTER  Tribe and community, we crowdfunded through $3500  to get a new Tent and deck installed which we have been using and LOVING for the past year. I remember last year when that happened… I felt like I might have to give up. We had just bought a house so had a mortgage hanging over us now serious financial commitment and my sanctuary had fallen.
I couldn’t believe the support I was given from family and friends all over the world and to this day… I feel so blessed to of had all that support. To me, I had forgotten that my business wasn’t just a Yoga Tent… my business is YOGi HUNTER…which is ME… and everyone supported me because they loved what I offered to the community. It was a massive lesson I learnt in business that even in the darkest of hours… reach out and asking for help is all it took to come into the light again!


Surround yourself with people you admire, respect and that believe in you this includes your friends, family and your partner. If you aren’t surrounding yourself with people that lift your spirits higher, who motivate you to go beyond your wildest imagination… then you will just stay still. Wasting your energy on people is lost energy that you won’t get back and I believe this is very important to me because lost energy is like stolen money or stolen time!!! Don’t get caught in this trap. You are worth being around the best and only the best!

Connect with your tribe…your students, every person that comes to class to me means so much to me. I love meeting new people and have them experience my class. I truly hope they get something from my class that they can take away and appreciate in their life.


Customers(students) come and go within all business…never take it on personally. In the wellness/fitness category as humans, we don’t tend to prioritize this as #1 in our life all year round. It goes up in down with our mood, overall health or financial situation. There are so many ways you can ride the highs and lows in business and this is something I am still learning about as it is different every year. I sometimes like the low season just as much as a high season because I can focus on more time on other parts of the business. Highs are always surprising for me because they come from my students most of the time. They treat me with gifts of tea, homemade cake, soup because I haven’t been well. Creating bunting with little messages from my whole tribe! Jars with homemade energy balls, unicorn socks, honey and veggies from their garden. I have been showered with random gifts throughout the years… it is amazing to receive every time. Giving comes so natural to me but receiving seems so weird even though it shouldn’t but it’s just something I never think about. I believe that everyone who shows up to class as a gift.


What does success mean to me?

This is something I had to learn from early into my photography business in 2015 because at the beginning it’s not about money…even though that’s what you think it has to be. You got to work hard but financial rewards come later… once established. It’s not an instant reward for most businesses…. as it takes time… which I sometimes don’t have patience. I had to learn to walk before I run… that “Rome wasn’t built overnight” all these sayings were told to me and it took me a while for me to understand.

But success is defined in many terms but what you have to learn is what does it mean to you. Kind of like LOVE? Love can be described in many ways by different people… and everyone has different opinions about it… I believe the same goes with success. It’s not always about $$$ to be it’s about chasing the vision. The vision of living in a world where people are finding happiness within themselves through yoga. The most people I can inspire to practice yoga and plant that seed of starting their life long practice the more I feel successful.

The vision of inspiring people to find self-love through practising yoga … connecting their bodies and minds together to as one … I know will not only help them but will cascade into the entire world.

I have changed my mindset a lot especially since I started my zero waste journey…with what success looks like even to the point that having less vs. more! That probably sounds NUTS… for a businesswoman to say but it’s all about perspective and having an open mind to what I mean.

  • Being smart with money
  • Managing time and efforts effectively
  • Ensuring my overall lifestyle connects with business life in a healthy way
  • Creating and inspiring impact on other lives to effect change for the better

Success is not all about what my account balance looks like. It is how I want to measure it on my own terms that connect with my values and vision.

Living my dream and doing what I love which started out being just taking photos and then teaching yoga.  Turns out to be the really easy part of the business because it comes from my heart. All the stuff I do behind the laptop is the challenging part. Managing, selling, fixing, emailing, problem-solving and repeating over and over again is what business is REALLY about. Things come up that I don’t like dealing with but I just have to because no one else will. But I understand that with living my dream comes downsides to creating balance in life and I am HAPPY to accept that. I feel freedom because I get to put all my energy and love into something I truly believe in and no downside of business will ever sway my heart from thinking anything else is better.
I’ll leave you here and hope that you have gotten some insight into the business realm that I live and think in. I hope it connects with you in some small way.
Thank you for reading and supporting my YOGi HUNTER journey for the past 3 years….Cheers to many more!
Namaste Kim

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