Sparkle Dust

Sparkle Dust

I created these mini jars of sparkle dust because they make me happy!

Why would you buy sparkle dust…

My sparkle dust jars were created to help bring out the sparkly soul we all have inside us that we sometimes neglect to let out and enjoy.

For me, sparkle just brings me back to my youthful soul that still lives that I have suppressed as I’ve gotten older. As adults, we forget how to have fun because we think it’s immature or whatever you want to call it.

Some of us may have found our sparkly soul and we radiate sparkle every day… and some of us keep it to ourselves and others save it for special moments…

Some of us keep our sparkly soul to ourselves and others save it for special moments…

And others save their sparkly souls for special moments…

The sparkle dust is just another tool to help us let go of all the crap our mind tells us how we should be vs just being.


How to use them

They are fantastic to put on your desk for decoration if you don’t want to use them and just have them as a keepsake to remind yourself that we all have a sparkly soul!

You can use it to create an amazing glitter design on your face or body whenever you want! Trust me as soon as you put it on you can’t help but smile and feel absolutley AMAZING!

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