Shift in my life

Sydney yachtI don’t know if it is just me or if any of you reading this have noticed when you have a massive shift in your life and the things that seemed so important to you no longer matter.

I feel like most people feel this kind of shift when they want to get married or have kids.

For many years I wrote a blog that was about my lifestyle, fashion,  photography, and travel – check it out if you want to see all the places I’ve visited in the world.


Nowadays I don’t care much about fashion the way I use too. I like buying myself something nice for a special occasion like this beautiful JAASE dress I bought for my Sydney trip. Walking down the streets of Sydney with all the fashion designer stores it was nice not to care about wanting what they are trying to sell. It is good to not want so much in life. I feel like I have so much in other ways. However, I still LOVE when I get packages in the mail from my mother with homemade dresses and my favourite chocolates. I don’t think our love for creating fashion designs together will ever change between us.


Has been a passion and profession for years now but I have developed a style to take photos of yogis in beautiful landscapes and women covered in sparkles as I feel more compelled to share a story through imagery. You can discover my portfolio

On this trip, it was nice to teach Tony how to use the camera as he wanted to learn how to create his own unique shots. I believe he did amazingly well with the images he took of me throughout this blog.


Has been the best life experience I have could have ever given myself growing up. There is so much of the world I still want to explore and learn. It’s weird to come to this moment in life when traveling no longer drives my intention in life as it uses too. My aspiration to travel is the biggest shift I feel as I am happy to stay grounded and achieve my goals as an entrepreneur.

Sydney Opera House

The last time I came to Sydney was with my mother in 2013, and we got to tour the opera house – see my photography post here 

If you are looking for inspiration on what to do in Sydney this was my Guide of Sydney I did in 2013 and I think is still pretty accurate.

Private Tour – I got to steering the boat

The new battleship for the Australian Navy

Mission Impossible the movie was filmed at this house above

Night time view of the harbour….so beautiful but too cold during the winter to appreciate

Breakfast & dinner had to be cold as there is no gas heater for you to warm any food or beverage

I have never been to Lavender Bay before, but I will return as it’s such a beautiful area in Sydney

With my shoulder still sore for a pulled muscle I could not attempt crow pose for this month’s crow challenge…I did manage to do dancer pose in my dress and not flash anyone.

Tony did crow pose on the yacht

Boat trip

For Tony’s birthday gift this year I surprised him with an overnight stay on a yacht under Sydney Harbour bridge.

This was the highlight of the trip, and I would do it again in the summer time as this past weekend was very windy in Sydney and cold. We managed to stay warm in the boat cabin having a quiet relaxing evening to ourselves.

I will admit…I did feel a bit off (not seasick) but just motion sick as it was a choppy evening on the water.

At night it’s soo beautiful being next to Luna Park, but we couldn’t appreciate the view at night being too windy and cold.

I would highly recommend checking out this Airbnb as it is the coolest one I have stayed in so far.

Regardless of the shift in priorities in my life and what motivates me everyday to wake up… I am forever grateful to have captured so many adventures with my camera Kiki. I still can’t help writing travel blog posts and sharing them with my community.

KiM xx

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