RECYCLE for TerraCycle at Yoga Tent

So it’s been one week since I started my zero waste challenge #LIVETRASHFREE and I have to admit it’s SUPER HARD! So much stuff is made out of plastic and we just purchase all these items daily without much thought on its impact… the biggest reward so far is how much I have learnt in the past week. One of the best lessons I’ve learnt is to LEAD BY EXAMPLE… this concept is something we learn at such a young age but is forgotten when we are too “busy” doing…whatever it is we do…

To Celebrate this First Week Complete

I decided to be a drop off location for TERRACYCLE for those of you yogi students that need to recycle your products. You can now bring them to class and drop them in the box outside my house so they can be UPCYCLED into new products…check the video below of TerraCycle work.





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