Plastic Free July Challenge 2020


This year we have been faced with so many challenges and some of our good practices have gone out the window. Let’s bring them back into alignment this July. I have created a Plastic Free July Challenge 2020 for you to try to do at least 1 or 2 or maybe the whole list. I want this to be a fun activity for you to experience this month.


If you accept this challenge please:

  • tag me in all your efforts using #ecoyogiwarrior
  • follow #ecoyogiwarrior hashtag on Instagram so you can see all the tribes
  • ask a friend to do it with you so it can be more fun


Each week this month I will share a video tutorial of intentional living practice on Instagram / Facebook for you to start if you haven’t already.

I want to help make the transition easier and accessible for everyone so it doesn’t feel overwhelming to go ZERO waste… let’s just TRY to be more INTENTIONAL in our living practices daily.

If you know it already maybe give one of the ideas above a try or you can look at my INTENTIONAL LIVING (eco yogi warrior) blog posts

There are so many more ideas I want to share with you all and will be in the coming months but least work together on getting into alignment with our zero waste habits if they have gone off track.




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