One Green Dress

So as you all know I love a good zero waste challenge… I had plans to speak on this topic more #ecoyogiwarrior this year but after we got back from Bali our engagement went into wedding planning mode/ get the Kombi on the road ASAP!

I bought this beautiful  Dawn Lace Dress from @Spell… I wanted to do engagement photos in it with Tony but we seem to not be scheduling enough fun time in our lives as we are always in work clothes.

When I bought this dress I had discovered the non-profit @onegreendress and saw they had a challenge most of the women follow @Spell as they had promoted this amazing challenge on their stories….  #ogd30wearschallenge I love the concept to Rise to the One Green Dress Challenge & repeat wear one item of clothing 30 times (or more)…

I knew this dress would be perfect as it’s so wonderful it deserves to be shown online as much as possible!

1st I wore my special #onegreendress in Bali for our all white birthday party for @shayshay 40th!!! We course had to add glitters to our faces as we do for Soul Sparkle Retreat! (swipe to see the photos)

2nd I wore it for my Wedding Dress Try On day with my girlfriends as  my bridesmaid @sarahbizzle suggested we all dress up in white for the occasion

3rd was yesterday I brought it to Reverence Retreat camping which isn’t usually a place to wear flirty dresses as Tony thinks it should be my wedding dress… but it’s a SPELL dress and you can get away with wearing their garments anywhere! I got so many compliments on the dress all day which made wearing the dress that much more special. I even shared with some people that it’s my #onegreendress which a few of the women loved the idea to showcase wearing repeat items vs always something new on insta. 
My hope now is to inspire more of you to find your #onegreendress and start the challenge to wearing it 30 times and promote and tag each time you do… to wear items more often vs thinking you need new garments every season. Your dress might already be in your closet!!

I plan on creating this into a blog post at the end and showcase all 30 times I wore this dress and for how long it takes me to get to 30 days… it might be hard for me as I usually am in yoga pants everyday and only one weekends I dress up but lets see when I hit #ogd30wearschallenge

Started this challenge:
1st – 18 September 2019

2nd – 5 October 2019

3rd – 27 October 2019

I love the challenge as well to try to find ways of making this dress look casual and dressy throughout the challenge to showcase accessories or footwear to change the look… bring out my skillset from Fashion College for those who don’t know that’s what I studied.

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