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This WA news moving into PHASE 2 effective on Monday 18 May is soooo exciting! We are happy to create this new offerings to our community and there is a lot to get through so please keep reading to see what is new in the Yoga Tent Studio!!!!!

The Yoga Tent Studio values the community and its members support, without the community we would not be here today and be able to endure these difficult times.

With current guidelines, we are only allowed 4 students in the Yoga Tent Studio.

We want to keep the space safe and start teaching again to giving back to our community.

We believe this is a time of giving and we want to introduce this sliding scale approach to our pricing during Covid-19.


Pay what you can for these classes. Finances should not be a barrier to practice your yoga.

We understand these times are hard and affected ALL OF US in so many ways.

Therefore we wanted to create a new approach that encourages you to feel excited about practising yoga vs thinking about your financial circumstances.

The suggested contribution scale is:

  • $23 for those who are fortunate to still keep your job.
  • $10 for those of you who are partially employed.

This is what the pricing options will look like when you go to book your class see below photo.

To those who are unemployed or just need more support due to financial hardship please message me directly. We want to elevate you through this time without you feeling you can’t be part of the community.

Please do not be shy or embarrassed to ask for help. We don’t know if you need help unless you ask for it… we get it… it’s NOT EASY to ask. 

Alternatively, just book into a class and select the pay later option if you want to speak to us in person. This is a new direction for now so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. Email me


• Due to space only 4 students allowed be in the Yoga Tent Studio plus 1 teacher.

• Book in advanced and commit. I know things change but please let me know at least 3 hours before the class or forfeit your pass. This is so that other students don’t miss out if they are on a waitlist.

• No shared equipment; so please bring your own mat and props, sarong, blankets, pillows.

• Please do not attend class if you are unwell.

• There will be no hands-on assists from teachers and head massage.

• Please bring socks, jumper, extra blanket as its winter now in the Yoga Tent, however, it will be heated.

• Hand sanitizer will be provided.


Perfect timing to buy yourself a new yoga blanket to bring with you to every class. I have 10 blankets for sale $50 per blanket.

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