New Habits To Make With When Using Water

I am also a lover of the planet and have started my journey to sustainable living… I state JOURNEY because I am not there yet and taking small steps as often as I can to be the change I want to see in this world. Because WATER is also one of the biggest things we need to care about on this planet as we neglect to take care of it.

I will hold my hand up high ??‍♀️and say I have been so UNAWARE of the habits I have been misusing water this beautiful planet offers me. It’s such an amazing gift and we treat it as if it’s FREE when it really isn’t. Today I wanted to share some tips and habits I’ve created when it comes to WATER and creating a better relationship with it. 

In most videos about drinking water…they usually skip out on getting water from the tap and give you tips on how much you should be drinking this step as it isn’t a fun topic to discuss…

Why did I get curious about this…well, I disliked the taste of water from the tap when I moved to Perth almost 3 years ago… it tastes like chlorine so I bought a filter jug and started to filter all my water…which the process is an added step vs just drinking it straight from the tap…this is HABIT #1 that I’ve created with water.


Did you know that in Perth 48% of our water come from Desalination… do you even know what Desalination is? 

Desalination – how it works in Perth 

Watch this video to discover more –

40% Groundwater  10% Surface water  2% Ground replenishment 
TIP: Where ever you live in this world I believe it’s important to google your water supply to understand where it comes from and how they treat it to know if it clean water.

HABIT# 2: Become conscious about what kind of water you are drinking making sure it is clean.

HABIT # 3: Make sure that you drink water in glass vs plastic container … let’s just say I am not a fan of plastic and trying my best to get it out of my life as much as possible and it is a very hard mission. 

The Story Of the Plastic Water Bottle

HABIT #4: Understand how much energy it takes to use water from the tap to clean, drink, cook, shower, flush the toilet is the worst etc…
Did you know but letting your water run for 5 minutes is like leaving your light bulb on for 22 hours????

Water this YouTube Video by Rob Greenfield

Water this YouTube Video ⬆️⬆️⬆️ by Rob Greenfield who goes into more depth about Water Consumption and Conservation as we misuse water every day and treat it like it’s FREE but really it’s a RESOURCE that we are not consciously consuming. We think we have limited amount as we don’t have to conserve it ourselves as we pay for it out of the tap every day costing us $90 a month when we could reduce that cost and save in our banks for something else.  

SOLUTIONS he suggests in the video to save on your overall water consumption and maybe create some more NEW HABITS!

  1. Eat more plants … less animals 
  2. Wash clothes less and in FULL LOADS 
  3. Flush toilet less… if it’s yellow let it mellow 
  4. Turn of the faucet when your not using it
  5. Take a shorter shower … or have fun and shower with someone else 
  6. Use efficient shower heads and faucets to reduce the water coming out 
  7. Grow garden’s not lawns 
  8. Fix leaks 
  9. Harvest Rain water 

MY SOLUTIONS to reusing water I use every day…

  • An old glass of water on the bedside table… use it to water indoor plants 
  • Bath water as I love having baths during the week… I use the leftover water to water the lawn … sounds crazy, YES but I take buckets of water a few times out of the tub to water my front garden the next day…vs letting all that water drain out. But lucky for me, I don’t have stairs in my house and I live in a small house 
  • Really… the best tip I can give you is to just start thinking about how you can reuse water before it heads down the drain.

Finally I hope that I shared some useful TIPS on how you can create some new habits with Water and inspire you to start making changes with your relationship with water. Water is such an important part of life, the planet, our bodies and we use EVERYDAY without thinking about it because it’s so accessible to use. I just always start thinking about all the other parts of this world don’t have clean water as we do… and just because we have this great resource on tap (pun intended) doesn’t mean we should misuse it or unconsciously keep consuming it. This motivates me to use it more wisely and the best ways I can.

If you have other tips for me to try if you are changing your habits with water I’d love to hear them in the comments below

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