Before getting into the TIPS I wanted to inform you that I am currently writing this from the hospital…
I offered to help out friend and yogi student Lyn to the Physio which then quickly changed to Emergency hospital to get an MRI scan done something to her back.

I never take my iPad or book anywhere but thought I could attempt to be productive while sitting in the waiting room… and boy did I not realise at the time what kind of waiting I was going to do…so happy I did bring my iPad with internet everywhere and with every program has an app you truly can run your business ANYWHERE. 

So… getting back to Lyn… as this newsletter has taken a strange turn from what I had originally planned… but that’s just me… going with the flow and taking whatever comes… and clearly the message I was supposed to send out wasn’t as important as this one… I am now going to share. 
Lyn yesterday noticed back pain… but didn’t think much about it because she could still do everything she normally would do. In the evening it started to hurt more so she went to bed early to rest it… come morning she couldn’t move her legs to get up and had to ask her husband to pick her up. So she thought to just go to physio to get some work done on it… and the Physio said to just go straight to Emergency to get a scan. 

Now comes the kicker…the first thing Lyn said to me is that she hasn’t been doing her yoga practice and feels like this has happened because she hasn’t been able to make it to the mat. 

NOW… of course as a Yoga Teacher, I loved hearing that because that’s all I want is for my students to come as much as possible. But the reality of it situation is that many things have occurred between yoga classes that could have caused her back injury. But I liked that she thought that her yoga practice could have prevented it from happening… ? Because I 100% believe that it could have maybe brought more attention to that something wasn’t right going on inside.

Why I wanted to share this with you is because we ALL… get caught up doing our day to day routine…and HARDLY ever STOP to check in with HOW we are FEELING… PHYSICALLY or EMOTIONALLY. 

For some strange reason when we start feeling a sore muscle we don’t do anything about it. We just take something for it like panadol to take away the pain and get on with our day… never taking into account that sore pulled neck muscle as a SIGN…that something is WRONG! 

Read this blog post – 12 signals our body sends to tell us we are too stressed

Our BODY is SPEAKING to us… but most of the time we are NOT listening.
So how do you learn to listen to your body language…I know that sounds funny but I don’t mean what your body language is saying externally to others… I mean what your internal body is saying to you… like for example when you get the following issues to arise in your body what do you think they are saying?Pulled muscles Sore muscles Tenderness in the lower back Tight hamstrings HeadachesIf you have any of these symptoms what do you do to try to relieve them… OR better yet… WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO PREVENT THEM from ever HAPPENING AGAIN? 
Think about it…

Now I wrote a BLOG post awhile back called Setting An Intention In Your Practice … which maybe wasn’t the best title for exercise I wanted you to start doing… 

WHAT I REALLY wanted people to get out of this blog post was to start making a journal of how they felt in the body each and every day… 

You can do this as part of your journal if you already do a daily journal of any sort…. or you can do it in your yoga practice. 

Every time you reach the mat… you can’t help but take an inventory on how your body is feeling when you move through every posture. With every stretch, you feel the pull and sometimes it is strong…sometimes it’s even stronger and some days there is nothing.

This is why Yoga is a daily practice so you can take an inventory on your body… it is a time you can speak to your body to see how it feels. You can tell if there is tenderness or it feels great… Yoga is the most beneficial way to PREVENT you from getting injured as you can spot that something in your body is not feeling right…maybe going to the doctor, physio, masseuse prior to pulling or injuring your muscles far worse then you imagined. 

Now in saying that… Yoga can cause injuries if you are NOT listening to your body correctly and push yourself too hard in your practice. Which is where the mind comes into the practice which is a whole other topic. But I wanted to make note that with every good thing…has an equal opposite to it. I am talking about using Yoga as a PREVENTION tool in this example. 

I created this DOWNLOADABLE worksheet for you to use however many times you want or you can create one on your own in your journal but I wanted to INSPIRE you to start setting intentions in your practice… so that you can start … PRIMARILY start making a stronger connection to how your body is doing…

My best example I always use is… if only our mirrors had an x-ray scanner feature…

Then maybe we would take more notice on what we are doing to our bodies… and what is happening inside ourselves. Unfortunately, we can’t see what is happening on the inside and what happens on the inside is so much more important than what is happening on the outside.So my question to is… if you can’t see what is going on the inside of your body… what are you doing to make sure it’s okay? 

Our bodies are not like a car with a hood you can just pop to check out the engine to see if it has enough oil or water in the filter or if any hoses are loose. 

Give my worksheet a try…you can do it online google docs…. download it for later… and start practising writing out how your body is feeling every day… and see if you can start to align yourself with your mind, body and soul because when they are working together you will start to feel more amazing overall. 


  1. Yoga every day – so I feel what is going on in my body 
  2. Journal about how my body feels 


  1. Lay on my Shakti acupuncture mat 
  2. Weekly baths in Epsom salts and essential oils


  1. Book a monthly Massage or Physio 
  2. Tony and I see our Osteo Chris every month together as it’s always nice to have someone else there supporting your wellbeing


  1. Yoga Retreat 
  2. Spa Weekend

I hope I have said enough to inspire you to start thinking of new ways to PREVENT injuries like sore muscles from occuring in your life. Of course my answer will always be YOGA but maybe it is something else for you…and if it is something else…let me know I’d love to hear what you are doing to prevent injuries in your life… I hope my TIPS are helpful as they have brought so much more AWARENESS into my life about my body since doing all of these TIPS regularly.

P.S. If you were wondering how Lyn is doing… her MRI scan came back with some disc problems but it was not as severe as they thought. She is back home resting….hoping for a fast recovery to get back on the mat soon. 

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