My Office Pink Door

Who knew that by seeing one photo on Pinterest many months ago… I would be able to find a similar mirror at Spotlight when I wasn’t even looking.

Then one day on Facebook Marketplace I picked up this piece for $30 and decided to upcycle into my pink inspo pick I had saved all those months ago.

Here is the result of the pink splash update.

I also decided to add a bit of yogi touch to this piece with adding homemade crystal knobs which were a bit tricky to glue on as they are heavy and no glue seemed to hold them in place to the metal screw. But Tony found some stronger glue for me which wasn’t the best looking but did the trick.

After I had upcycled the dresser, I decided to give the room a whole makeover by adding more shelving. It is a tiny room and doesn’t have storage, so we need to figure something out. And we decided to do double shelving across the entire wall. We thought it wouldn’t take long, but unfortunately, the wall wasn’t our friend and caused a lot of problems.

I love the open shelving, as you can always see what you have. To me, this is important as I still walk into my office, and I’m inspired to create when you see things on display…

Every year I create a Vision Board, and I had just finished a vision board workshop in the Tent last month…which was so much fun. I love redoing it every year to see what has or hasn’t yet manifested into my life.

This wall, on the other side, I left blank so that we could project movies on to the wall. But the kind of hard to watch due to where the bed was positioned….still need to rethink this.

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