My New Yoga Photo Series #yogainstax

YOGi Hunter Photographer

As much as I have embraced my new passion as a yoga teacher this past year, I have not forgotten about my love for yoga photography….

I have bought a new camera to help me hunt and shoot more yogi’s but this time I decided to go “old school” and not digital. Just point + shoot and hope for the best! The plan is to post the photos up on my door in my yoga studio but I will also create a photo gallery on my website for other to see and read their individual yoga stories they want to share. See some of the photos posted here #Yogainstax 

YOtoGrAphy which is what I call my yoga photo series is about discovering yogi’s from around the world through my lens. It’s a journalist photo series trying to emphasize that yoga is universal for all ages, body sizes and genders. With my instax wide film camera I will be asking different questions when featuring my yogi’s students but still having that underlining message that yoga is universal. 

If you want to be apart of YOtoGrAphy it’s a FREE professional photoshoot, please contact me

YOGi Hunter PhotographerMy New Yoga Photo Series #yogainstax

YOGi Hunter Photographer

With a new series had to come with different questions to be featured and new hashtag #yogainstax

  1. What is your favourite yoga pose? (name one or a few if you can’t just name one)
  2. What part of the yoga practice do you connect with most? (Physical workout/ Body awareness/ mindfulness / spiritually/ All) 
  3. What draws you to come to my class? (Music/Class size/Location/Yogi Kim/Other)
  4. Do you see yourself doing yoga throughout your life?

If you want to see more of my work I do with YOtoGrAphy just follow me @kimwilliamsphotos

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