Let’s Think About Earth Bags

While in Bali I came across this wonderful lady Ayu shop in Ubud who sells these hand-stitched bags and I completely fell in love with them. I had to tell Tony to circle the block again just to stop and have a look.

I was attracted to them due to the colours used but also the MESSAGE on the bag… Let’s Think About Earth!!!!

I asked her how she came up with the saying and she just simply replied too many people use plastic bags. She is absolutely right!

For months now my business partner Suz and I have been discussing products to sell alongside our Yoga Events that we are hosting for Wander Earth Yoga and this suited it perfectly. Our mission in Wander Earth Yoga is to raise awareness about the earth and how we NEED to start taking more conscious effort to stop using plastic bags when we go to the shops. This is a SIMPLE step yet so many of us find it hard to do.

I know they sell $2 shopping bags at the shops as well for your food but we also seem to forget them. So I thought if we started using bags we LOVED the look of then perhaps we might never forget our shopping bag. Now this bag isn’t going to hold your weekly shop at grocery shop but it will always hold some goods when you are out and about… and didn’t think you need to buy anything but then you do buy something. We are ALL guilty of this… including me which is why I HAVE this bag now. Trust me it fits A LOT of stuff in it and I managed to carry it with me full on the back of a scooter for days around Bali.

When I showed Suz the bag she obviously fell in love with them as well…. YAY!

Now I am sharing them with you to find out WHO would like to purchase one. We love sharing our yoga practice out in nature on the Yoga Hike which is why Wander Earth Yoga mission is to start promoting us to make shifts in our daily lifestyle to do our part in affecting change in people not just on the yoga mat but also off the mat.

The colour stitching changes on each bag as they are all uniquely done but Ayu family. To secure yours today we will need just a $10 deposit and they are $30 total. All the money goes to Wander Earth Yoga business to bring more yoga events to you out in nature. We hope that by having such a strong message out the outside of these bags will start to shift people’s mindset when you walk around with your bag.

In yoga, we are shifting our minds into a positive state of overall wellness

Wander Earth Yoga we are also wanting to shift our minds to act more consciously with lifestyle actions we take every day affecting mother earth as we only got 1 planet and 1 life so let’s make sure we are putting our BEST EFFORTS forward

Bag measurements: W 37cm x H 52 cm

Fabric: Hessian

Cost: $30

Support local Ubud family business & Two Yogis start-up business = Raising Awareness About Earth

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