Uses For Lavender Eye Mask Pillows

I got my first eye mask pillow from my best friend Michelle when we were in LA together when she came to visit me when I was doing my Yoga Teacher Training. I loved the gift because even though I was in training I had not used one in my practice yet.

Now since opening my own studio… it is an essential part of the practice as I hand out blankets and eye pillows to all my student before they go into their savasana. My students ask for “The Works” meaning blanket and eye mask pillow.

I love seeing all their faces when they come out of their savasana. All relaxed and calm. After a few comments about them I decided to now offer to sell them. I know it’s important for use all to create our own HAPPINESS TOOLKIT and I know that since my first eye mask pillow I got give years ago now it has been part of my Happiness Toolkit… it should be part of yours.


  • In your Yoga practice during the end in savasana
  • Feeling stressed, anxious, depressed or upset…use for a quick pick me up
  • Before bed rest it on your eyes to help you relax as the lavender is very calming.

Each Eye Mask Pillows is made with love… with Lavender + Flaxseed stuffed inside. I put together all the ingredients with some extra lavender oil and sew it with Chinese brocade silk with a soft felt fabric for your face.

You can come to class and experience “The Works” treatment for your savasana…and NOW you have one for your own keeping for $20.

Email me if you want to purchase one… as they are custom-made. Please allow a few days to be made and shipped to you.

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