Last Minute Gift Ideas


Top Tips for gift buying

TIP #1 Buy local or Support Friends Small Business

Buy yoga class for some to join you at the Yoga Tent (DM me directly for gift cards)

Book a massage with my FAVOURITE masseuses or YOMASSAGE Nicola @nicola_a_hogan

Reiki or AromaTouch massage with local shop @biotainharmony

My friends that have coaching offerings:

Caryn @_soulsparkle_ offers – Soul Coaching 1:1 to make your heart shine bright

Jess @__jessicajordan__ offers – FEMININE TRANSFORMATION 1:1 coaching to make you radiate your feminine power

Kelly sells beautiful sprays for your space @kelly.dalby as well as coaching and plant healing wisdom

TIP #2 Intentional + Functional Gifts

• Keep cups @potteryfortheplanet
• Ceramic mugs @ochreceramics

TIP # 3 DIY Gifts
Amber bottles to make your own sprays

Book gifts
HOME – toxic free home @natural_harry
Heavily Meditated for your yogi friends @heavilymeditatedapp

Art gift
Colouring Book @lareewassonart

Zero Waste gift
Leaf Razors by @seedandsproutco and pair it with a soap bars from local market

Foodie gift
Recipe Book Vegan  @thewholesomestore and combo it with some spoons

Home gifts
Plants Plants …LOVE PLANTS… buy easy to care for plants

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