Key Fundamentals of Your Yoga Practice – Showing up to the mat

In this series, I want to start talking about the Key Fundamentals of Your Yoga Practice

1. showing up to the mat is the hardest part about yoga never mind that actual poses

Understanding that when you are at yoga the best part about being on the mat is BEING there. What you should start knowledging is that you have shown up for yourself and have given timeout of 24 hours time for YOU.

As a teacher, it is hard to go deeper into explaining that yoga isn’t about “the postures” when all we do in class is instruct you to do them…but they are only just a tiny part of the goal.

… what you also don’t sometimes understand is that as a teacher we seriously do not care if you stayed in child pose all class if that was the pose that makes you feel the best in and it is what you need for that day.

It is your practice and no one should be focusing on what you are doing if they are focused on themselves.

We call the yoga physical practice “ASANA” it can also be used to describe a single pose. It is 1 out of 8 parts (limbs) of the yoga practice… the majority of us don’t practice the other 7 limbs of yoga.

I believe the hardest part about the yoga practice is getting to the mat… in our BUSY/DEMANDING lifestyle, we all lead today.

Deciding at the beginning of the week that you will have one maybe 2 or even three classes scheduled into your calendar. Making TIME for YOU is the struggle WE all have a hard time working out in our minds. This is the key fundamental to your successful practice is making an intention and holding true to it.

A lot of the time we don’t show up to the mat/class during the week when we make intentions to do so… and I get it… YOU are TOO BUSY!

We don’t understand that we are the creator of our too busy lifestyle… we don’t notice that we are doing the following things:

  • too busy working
  • too busy consuming material things (online shopping)
  • too busy parenting or going out as a single
  • too busy paying bills
  • too busy being on social media
  • too busy watching Netflix

We get too tired of FEELING busy so we don’t bother because getting to our yoga mat/class feels like another thing to do on our “List of Busy.”

But this is the BEST THING about yoga… YOU CAN DO IT ANYWHERE for FREE at home on your own mat so if you miss class because of your busy schedule there is still time to get your practice in every day.

Another issue we face is that in our society prioritising ONESELF isn’t part of our culture. It is not something we are taught at a young age or understand as an adult that our wellness is something we should be investing in for health prevention towards all the health problems we are facing today with anxiety and depression. We only deal with our health when it’s too late, and we are sitting in the doctor’s office wondering how it got to this. But if you think back to those days that you were “too busy” to give yourself TIME to nurture our body and mind you might have prevented some of these outcomes. There is research the suggest that the yoga practice modulates the stress response.

So this is the interesting thing is that the Yogi Masters who created this yoga practice over 5000 years ago called it a daily practice for a reason… because you have to do it EVERY SINGLE DAY! Because they knew how important it is to not to just master postures, but they want to teach us to discipline within ourselves. To hold true to a commitment we make to ourselves. As it is the most important commitment of all is YOU.

For a practice to last over 5000 years should speak words to us that it is IMPORTANT that we do this in our lives. Our health and wellbeing if made a priority will only serve the betterment of others around us, our jobs, our relationships, our lives. And if we do this practice, we will start to understand how grateful and fortunate we are in life every day.

You may even realise you always feel busy in our schedule because the MIND is controlling how we are feeling. But you have control over your mind right? You have control over your feelings just like you have control when you are standing in a balance like Tree Pose.

Here is the GOOD NEWS in a regular yoga practice;

  1. By showing up to the mat/class you will start to be grateful more for showing up
  2. The more you do yoga the more it gets easier to keep coming back to the mat
  3. You will start to notice your mind’s thought patterns as you observe them on the mat, in class, in savasana, in meditation
  4. You will learn that you DO have time every day for 20-60 minutes to do something for you
  5. You will start to feel happy about making a schedule that may still have all the things listed on them as before but you won’t let that feeling of being “too busy” get to you because you always know you have given yourself TIME every day to do something for your body, mind and soul.

I will always be here to keep inspiring you to get to the mat so you can lead a happy lifestyle. You are not alone as we all struggle with making time for ourselves but understanding and creating awareness is the first step to improving our patterns to make better decisions to create good habits in the future.

If this resonates with you… STOP what you are doing if you haven’t done your yoga yet today and get to the mat.
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