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healthy juices by Pressed Earth - Yogi kim


Surprising! to be honest, it affected my husband more than it affected me not eating. LOL

I thought it would be a lot harder to drink juice, and I thought my food cravings would be more robust. But I only felt hungry when it came today two around 3 pm, when I heard my tummy rumble. Tony just made me a green tea which helped, and I drank my 3rd juice at 4 pm.

healthy juices by Pressed Earth


I wanted to cleanse (detox) my body from all the medication I had taken for the past five weeks for my back pain.

I have never taken pain killers even for a headache, so for me to be high dosages of pain killers, my body was not happy, and in the end, I couldn’t even take the pain killers to help with my pain as it would just make me too high and would cause me to be nauseous.

Secondly, I have been eating a lot of comfort food while lying not the sofa. So I wanted to give my body a treat of healthy greens and fruits for just two days to help reset it and shift back into more healthy eating.

healthy juices by Pressed Earth


I got a two-day to cleanse, which I only ended up drinking 4 out of the six juices they suggest drinking. So really, I could have done a three-day cleanse. As I had four juices leftover, but Sunday, I told Tony I would go out to the cafe for breakfast.

However, I started on a Friday, and socially it is probably not the best day to do it on the weekend. But they arrived and look so juicy (pun intended) that I couldn’t start. They only last four days as well, so either way, I would need to drink them over the weekend.


I don’t know if it was good or wrong to do my cleanse during my period. You could say it was a full-body cleanse overall. Mentally and emotionally, I reflected on a lot in the past five weeks since I broke my back and what the future holds. So my emotions were processing a lot about my life during these cleanses. If you ask Tony, he would say my mood was probably heavy. But I know I also get like this coming into my birthday as it falls at the end of the financial year. It’s always a time of reflection in my life for me, as it is when I reflect on a year around the sun.

The energy was low, which was also why I did it during my recovery to help me rest more during the cleanse. So keep that in mind if you choose to do a cleanse that you need to sleep more.



I loved it. It made it easier to know what to eat for a change didn’t have to cook and clean up after meals. Just raise my glass jar and keep them to return and get credit for my next order.

I could drink juice for lunch every day, I feel.

I will probably cleanse more often every couple of months as I feel like it has helped reset my body and mind into wanting to get back into healthy eating as that is what I can control at the moment during recovery of my back.

healthy juices by Pressed Earth - Yogi Kim

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