It took 25 plastic bottles to make one pair of my Teeki yoga leggings

So I fell in love with Teeki the Yoga apparel brand when I started doing SUP yoga with my best friends at Yogaqua in LA! All the girls had them because they would quickly dry after you fell in the water.

Teeki girl

They also feel like you are wearing nothing as they are so lightweight…and the patterns are so fabulously funky. I also love the concept that they were made from recycled plastic bottles.

Now that I have AWAKEN myself to this journey of zero waste it has been a challenge to navigate what works for me… and what doesn’t… as there are so many ways you can tackle your waste with doing zero trash and also go to the extreme of zero recycling as there are lots of places to bring your recycling so that you know it is getting recycled correctly.
Can you believe that the fashion industry is SECOND- LARGEST polluter in the world to the oil industry. This has turn me off a lot of fashion which for a person that went to school for FASHION and LOVES wearing FUN COLOURFUL clothes has had to think about this. I still haven’t worked it all out but I am more conscious about the business I want to purchase from now on. I want to understand what efforts a business I support is doing to be more eco-conscious with their efforts especially… on waste if I buy new. Are they caring enough to make sure their garments are long-lasting and won’t end up in a landfill or have at least a recycling program so consumers can bring clothing back?

Brands that you can bring your clothes back to currently are:

North Face – Clothes The Loop
Patagonia – Common Thread
Nike – Reuse A Shoe

Teeki is turning a MASSIVE problem like plastic bottles into reusable clothing… it is brilliant with the aim to raise awareness that we shouldn’t use plastic bottles. The owner of Teeki’s goal isn’t about wanting to create more leggings but to reduce the use of plastic bottles. See her interview a few years ago in this clip below when she first started out. She explains it takes 25 plastic bottles to make one pair of leggings.

be the best version of yourself - yogi hunter


If you are looking for some new leggings for class and want to support and COOL business check out Teeki apparel… I am happy to promote and be an ambassador for this brand and should have been promoting their efforts way more than I have in the past few years! But just like you I am always trying to improve my habits to be a better version of myself EVERY DAY, EVERY MONTH, EVERY YEAR!

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