Is it worth the trip to Uluwatu Temple in Bali

This temple does have a cover charge (IDR 30,000) and they give you a sarong to wear or if you are wearing something long that covers your legs like my dress does you just get a scarf. Even men wearing shorts need to wear a sarong in all temples in Bali so it can be worth it to bring your own.

This temple is nice to visit for the few but I would recommend getting a guide or reading up on the temple itself before going so you know what the temple is all about otherwise your just going to see the landscape. The guides that take you around the temple will explain the different ceremonies that happen at this temple in more detail that you won’t get from online. We didn’t get one but I would next time as I go there and from what I heard just walking by some tours all seem very knowledgable.

It can get really warm so going during noon time which I think I went there both times at noon… it gets so hot you don’t feel like walking around. So I would just try to get their early morning or later in the afternoon. 

My favourite part about going to the temple is to see the wild monkeys. They are great entertainment as they are always snatching stuff from tourists who don’t keep their personal items close to them. A little old Indonesian man will be close by to assist if you do lose something…as he has a satchel full of bananas ready to feed the monkeys.

After the temple visit, we had a nasi goreng or Mie Goreng at one of the local shops for like $5 with a Bintang. We find the best places to eat Nasi Goreng are at the local shops for only $5 vs big restaurants.

♻️ Also, remember to bring your own straw or cutlery as they are still giving out plastic stuff at the small vendors. There are zero recycling bins in Bali… at the temple, there was compost which was good… see my blog post on my Eco Yogi Warrior backpack so you know what to bring so you don’t create more waste.

Beautiful view at this temple… I don’t think it’s really worth the trip unless you haven’t seen monkeys and want to see them around the temple wild, is cool which makes it worth it if you are an animal lover like me. If you get a guided tour might make it worth your while more. Or go when there is a special ceremony which makes a few times a year in Bali … they are supposed to be beautiful at this temple.

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