I believe we need to start creating more meaningful gifts vs buying material STUFF.

Yes, I love opening a gift just like the next person but the fulfilment only lasts a few minutes when I see it. If I get a dress it’s lovely to open it but it is only when I wear it that I get joy. If I don’t wear dresses daily I don’t get joy out of it daily. ⁠

Time is something that NONE of us can buy… yet we are all in short supply of it as none of us knows when our time is up in this life. ⁠

Why don’t we SHIFT the way we celebrate this giving season and create more TIME with one another. ⁠

For your best friend ⁠

a great meaningful gift idea is to do an art workshop together learning to make a macrame decoration for your house…⁠

This allows you to spend quality time together making something that you both love doing but would never go out of your way to treat just yourself to do it on your own. ⁠
For couples without kids…⁠

a great meaningful gift idea is to plan a day out together or a weekend away at a new special spot you have always talked about going but never got around to booking or going too. Fancy restaurant, boat cruise on the river, winery tour, weekend away AirBnB you liked. ⁠

This allows you to create a memory of TIME spent together that will last in your hearts longer than a material object ever will. ⁠

For parents…⁠
a great meaningful gift idea is to buy each other “ESSENTIAL ME TIME” like yoga memberships or season tickets to the football so you can enjoy doing during the week and allowing your partner time to go and do those things so they can feel GUILT-FREE when off parent duty! ⁠

This allows you to support one another throughout the year as time is soooo precious when work is busy, school is busy and there never seems enough time in the day to do anything…it is a priceless gift to give a parent is 1 hour a week OFF DUTY. ⁠

TIME IS SO PRECIOUS… you can’t buy it but you can create moments that might require you to buy or plan an activity for you to make MEMORABLE MOMENTS and by doing so… is PRICELESS! ⁠

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