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How meditation came to be before yoga did…

I had found meditation through at workshop my workplace… I got selected out of staff members to attend this meditation workshop this happened a year before I started practising yoga regularly.

Through the workshop, I discovered so many different aspects of meditation through health benefits and the science to prove it helps your health. For me in between workshops and practising the exercises help me noticed some suppressed issues I had but wasn’t dealing with. Now looking back I understand my issues were trying to come to the surface through my meditation but I wasn’t fully understanding it. I realised that meditation is a tool to help me escape my busy mind which can be full of worry, stress, and all sorts of thoughts about myself. When I was in my 20’s I would jump on a plane in order to deal with all my busy thoughts to feel this satisfaction of bliss in my life.

Now I understand I don’t need to runaway from my problems…. I just have to quiet down my mind and be still to find that sensation of inner peace simply by closing my eyes and breathing.

In the workshop learnt the health benefits around meditation and all the studies that had been done to prove that it not only improves your health but can make body clock younger. When I learnt that, it just stuck in my brain ever since that by just sitting quietly every day you can improve your inner body which will help you live a healthier longer lifestyle. How the brain works is incredible and I would highly recommend people to research or do a workshop of their own to discover all the benefits of meditation.

I will stop right here and say… IT IS hard practice to maintain… I have days where I skip doing my meditation. But I know that I am just missing out on having a better day by not doing it.

When I started practising yoga more regularly my savasana deepen quickly as I had already had a meditation practice. I do know that for some doing a yoga class is a nice way of introducing meditation into your life as savasana is around 5-7 minutes long. I like to do 10-minute savasana in my classes as I understand the benefits are so good for people.

We all want to live a healthy way of life, but we don’t understand how. Eating the right food is such a minefield nowadays. I hope with this information I share it will help you to start thinking that it’s not just the food we eat or the exercise we do to be the only contributing factor to LIVE a healthier LIFESTYLE!

Now to all the excuses….
– I have no time
– I can’t switch off
– I don’t know how to meditate
– I need to go to a class to learn.
Well, all those excuses aren’t good enough… as you more than likely spend that time on Facebook or watching Netflix or TV.

Meditating is easy but just takes PRACTICE… just like we all had to learn to walk or ride a bike. You need to keep practising till you master it. Don’t give up so easily, especially if it will benefit your health.

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How to start:

Coming up with a routine of when you have time to do it. Plan it in your schedule by setting a reminder in your calendar NOW

Start off doing 10 minutes vs. 20 minutes but aim to reach 20-minute meditations as you get the most benefits by meditating longer.

Best times: in the morning, after your workout or right before bed.

Position: Laying down, sitting (against a wall for support) on a pillow/bolster, on a chair

Techniques: Listening to your breath, listen to a podcast (links below), play meditation music (my playlist)

Goal: 20 minutes after practicing for a few weeks

I have been collecting some meditation podcasts for a few months now they are FREE to listen too. I thought I’d share a few of those links that I like and encourage you to try and let me know which one you like best.


Remember you can meditate anywhere

Meditation from Spiritual Gangster https://youtu.be/c-FwmEdaYoA




Deep Breathing Exercise for Stress

Feeling stressed? Sync your breath to this!Just a few minutes of deep breathing helps calm the mind, reduce stress and can even change your mood. Give it a try.

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