Kim has now embraced her passion in yoga and has specialised in yoga photography. She has now become “The YOGi Hunter” and is out to meet as many yogi students and teachers through her travels and just random encounterings with the hope to capture as many yogi’s from around the world. She calls it YOtoGrAphy which is sharing yogi’s individual stories to the world through her lens to showcase that yoga is for everyone.

The YOGi Hunter was born when Kim started actively hunting yogi’s alike to shoot for YOtoGrAphy but has now grown into something even bigger. She also seeks out anyone who is interested in joining her on the mat for an hour session in the comfort of her home yoga studio.

Kim has completed 240 hours of yoga teacher training with a variety of yoga teachers from the very experienced monk/rockstar LA Guru Steve Ross and Ish Moran. To training with modern cutting edge yogis’ Patrick Beach & Carling Harps. That still wasn’t enough as she went on learn SUP yoga and has now completed her SUP yoga teacher training with LA SUP Yoga expert Sarah  Tiefenthaler.

our values

Yoga Is Universal

Yoga is universal regardless of age, size or gender… no judgements 

Create your own practice… as it is you who is really your own judgements that matter about you… or does it?

Love yourself!

Practice Practice Practice

I love yoga because it is what we call it…”a practice” you can never master it as it will continue to teach you new things and push yourself to another limit you didn’t realise physically and mentally depending on where you are in your journey through yoga.

It’s important to have your own practice that you really love.

Live What You Love

My Mission

Is to connect + share = collaborate to progress what already exist in this amazing yoga community which is why I want to share your stories, your businesses, your events, your yoga teacher training, your yoga apparel brands and more.

With the hope it might inspire new yogis to give it a try today.

Connect inside the yoga world – Enhance the all levels of the yoga community and make connections that already exist whether it is a local yoga studio or international yoga teacher.

Share outside the yoga world– Through stories I want to show the world how diverse this yoga practice is that there are no restrictions that everyone can do it regardless of your strength, flexibility or balance. It doesn’t matter how long you have been practicing you will always walk away from the mat feeling wonderful.

Collaborate – By connecting and sharing yoga through collaboration I only can see how we will continue to grow and inspire all things yoga has to offer the world.