The YOGi Hunter was born when Kim started actively hunting yogi’s (yoga students) to photo-shoot for yoga photography project YOtoGrAphy, but she has gotten so involved into the yoga industry she never would of believe to become a Yoga Teacher that owned her own Yoga Tent Studio. Her focus has shifted to help INSPIRE people to the mat in her small boutique style studio with a more one-one feel classroom environment.

She wants all her students to LOVE coming to class in the Yoga Tent and leave the class feeling like they are floating on a cloud. But that wasn’t enough for Kim as she has branched out to the community to teach Daycare class at the local centres and local business lunchtime yoga classes. She has done many Victoria Park Sunday Market yoga classes as she wants to impact her local community to help INSPIRE them to care about their wellness.

Kim has an adventurous soul as she has travelled the world living in 5 different countries but now calls East Victoria Park, WA home as she has bought a house in December 2017. Kim’s heart will always be tied to Canada as she was born a Toronto. She loves Australia and has called home since 2010 when she moved across and live in Melbourne, VIC for the past years before moving to Perth in 2016.

Kim has completed 270 hours of yoga teacher training with a variety of yoga teachers from the very experienced monk/rockstar LA Guru Steve Ross and Ish Moran. Kim has trained with modern cutting edge yogis’ Patrick Beach & Carling Harps. That still wasn’t enough as she went on learn SUP yoga and has now completed her 40hours SUP yoga teacher training with LA SUP Yoga expert Sarah  Tiefenthaler. For Kim, she believes as a yoga teacher, your education never ends and you only want to learn more. She has also completed her hours to be a certified 30 hours meditation teacher. Kim is also certified as a First Aider and has her Working With Children Check.

Kim host a variety of classes inside the Yoga Tent from vinyasa, yin yoga, slow flow, kid classes and workshops! Kim feels that yoga is everyone and will always aim to inspire EVERYONE to love yoga as yoga can only bring HAPPINESS into your life.



Yoga Is Universal

Yoga is universal regardless of age, size or gender… no judgements 

Create your own practice… as it is you who is really your own judgements that matter about you… or does it?

Love yourself!

Practice Practice Practice

I love yoga because it is what we call it…”a practice” you can never master it as it will continue to teach you new things and push yourself to another limit you didn’t realise physically and mentally depending on where you are in your journey through yoga.

It’s important to have your own practice that you really love.