How to support and Save The Yoga Tent Studio

Hello YOGi Hunter Supporters…
As you might of read in my previous emails about the Future of Yoga Tent Studio… I have been pretty gutted and upset… there is no point hiding my feelings as I am now reaching out to you all for support.

The last month has been pretty emotional as the Tent ripping has been completely unexpected as I have just been working away to try to get the business relaunched in its new home. Buying a new tent has just added another problem on to my already full plate.

I have strongly considered no longer having a Yoga Tent Studio at one point to be completely honest as I just felt defeated. Starting up a business is not easy and I have learnt so much since going into business for myself.

After thinking long and hard about everything I decided I couldn’t let all my hard work and effort go to waste. I have created a small community of local yogis who come to class regularly and my plan through this campaign is to gain more yogi’s and build up the awareness of my Yoga Tent Studio here in Perth.

I have created this video to help showcase this past 8 months since launching the Yoga Tent Studio in June 2017.

After much debate on crowd-funding, I decided that this is just as much a re-launch of the Yoga Tent Studio with a new Tent. I thought to myself before going ahead and just replacing it with the same tent… what can be done to make it even better than before. I took this mishap as not a failure but an opportunity to improve.
I have found a little bit bigger tent and my plan is to make it have just as much cool new vibe as the previous one. It’s a year new beginnings starting off with a new home and now a new tent to set the tone on the next chapter of the YOGi Hunters journey.

I will be sharing the story of the new tent as things progress through this campaign. I will be sharing stories on Instagram and Facebook of behind the scenes

I am a person who LOVES to give and make others happy and this campaign is very much about that which is why with every donation you will receive something from me.I want to create more awareness about the Yoga Tent Studio so just by sharing this campaign and no donation to friends on Facebook is an amazing support.
As you now don’t have to come to my yoga class to be part of my community. I am launching an online yoga program soon but to kickstart this as well I have decided to do a special Online Yoga Video for all those who are overseas or interstate and want to help support this campaign but maybe not come to any of the classes.

As much as I work hard to run my small business I couldn’t think life without it. I have overcome so many obstacles that I probably don’t share about enough but what I do want you to know is that I am going to never give up on my dreams.

I am turning this negative situation into a positive one but I can’t do it alone… I need your help and I will admit… I don’t like asking for help but this is so much bigger than me.

I will continue to try to give and share my yoga practice with so many people out there that I can… to promote happiness and self-love through yoga.

From the bottom of my heart
Thank you KiM x

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