How To Create A Plastic Free Pantry

Plastic Free Pantry

Last August I started my zero waste journey but even before I started it I was already collecting jars to store spices and my bulk food items in my kitchen because I loved being able to see what I had. I feel it makes it look like a home when you can see your food on display.

Few tips on how to create a plastic-free pantry


This can take time as you don’t have to go buy the jars you can upcycle them from the jars you already use.

  • Example: jam jars, pickle jars are the large jars I have on my shelf. My shelf has a variety of jars and that may bother some but for me, I don’t mind. Maybe one day they will all match but for now, I love it as it is!
  • Ask your Facebook Buy Nothing community for jars as people do collect them.
  • Without costing anything just ask family and friends to start saving a specific jar you like.

Plastic Free Pantry

2. Buy your jars

I bought the majority of my jars from Ikea  or you can find a lot of them from the Op shop for less

3. Label maker

helps make it more organised or buy chalk labels so you can change the name if you change the jars around a lot and don’t want it to be permanent this is the one I use

Plastic Free Pantry

4. Find your local Bulk Food Stores

Zero Waste Home Bulk Food Store App
After reading Zero Waste Home I discovered their app to find bulk food stores all around the world so you can find them when you are travelling too. It’s amazing so there are no more excuses to not find bulk food stores now.

Kakula Brothers – Northbridge

This place is the cheapest I have found for spices and nuts in Perth though you do have to go into the city so I make a fun trip every month and stock up on everything!

The Source – Park Centre East Victoria Park

Amazing organic spices but is a bit pricey. I go here for specific items or to treat myself. They have more options with liquid bulk items

Loose Produce – 171 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

5. Don’t FORGET to bring your reusable produce bags

This step is an important one because this is where a lot of us still are using single-use plastics bags or even paper bags. The concept of only using something for 1 use is what we need to get in the habit of not doing. So INVEST in produce bags like these ones from KAPPI and store.

Plastic Free Pantry

This can be a very fun project to start to whether you start small collecting jars from upcycling to buying all your jars in one go. You can mix and match like I have and continue to grow your pantry slowly. I have so many more jars in my other cupboards for spices that are not on display.

If you do decide to create a plastic-free pantry like I have please send me a pics and let me know how you go in the comments below.

Also this month I am giving away 2 free yoga classes to any student that makes a pledge for Plastic Free July to join the #ecoyogiwarriors movement.


My goal as part of this is to connect us together for a beautiful movement of making a small change for a big impact for the planet and the more of us who do it together the greater the impact it will be. Who doesn’t want to help improve this beautiful earth that we call home!

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