How just a thought became real

So this magical tent is now available to rent and you can find out more information on cost below. But I first want to just share that this tent means a lot to me because it represents an idea, a vision and ultimately a goal coming true.

My business is small and I love it!

When I thought of having this tent it was just a thought…
Which became an idea that I got inspired by from looking at a picture (photos below) on Instagram @elisecook 

I would envision what it would look like before I went to sleep at night,
I talked about it for days with my closest friends on how to make this into a goal
YOGA-TENT YOGI-HUNTER-(1)In April 2017 I had the first initial idea
Reality – On June 6 the tent arrived
Dream come true – On June 21 I hosted my first class in a YOGA MEDITATION WORKSHOP
Accomplishment – On June 24 I celebrated my first year as a teacher and in that time I had created a community of students enough to invest in a little bit bigger space and launched my YOGA TENT STUDIO!


All I kept doing was visualising what it was going to look like inside, how I was going to decorate it. My friend Kelvin and I even went on the lawn and mapped out how big it was with rope and put all the mats down. I researched tents and looked to see if there was anything else like this in the world but google couldn’t find any answers for me. Though I’m sure there are other versions of tent yoga studios none with this style of tent.

I do believe that visualising your goals helps make them into reality. I have been doing this practice of visualization since I was young and wanted to travel the world. I remember going to sleep dreaming about my life in Australia and now I live here.

My favourite part of this tent is the moment someone walks through the door…. their face lights up with joy and happiness. Other expressions are that they can’t believe it’s a tent… even though they knew it was… HAHAHAHA

Now I am opening up my tent to my community to rent out and use for any birthday party or event function they want to host.

I have been suggested to host a movie night and sleepover which would be cool and I’m looking at projectors so stay tuned for other fun events in the YOGA TENT!

yoga tent in perth

Join me in my Yoga Tent anytime… I have now launched my second Yoga Tent

And I have moved houses but still live in East Victoria Park!

Kim x