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For those of you looking to inspire your YOGA journey… this is the first yoga book I read before I did my Teacher Training with Steve Ross. It’s an easy read and it has music playlist and other amazing insights into life, love and happiness

HAPPY  YOGA – https://www.amazon.com/Happy-Yoga-Reasons-Theres-Nothing/dp/0060533390

happy yoga

Yoga is how I am happy because I do something every day for myself. Its so simple and yet so many of us struggle to find “TIME” for ourselves… to recharge, nurture and care for our bodies and our minds.

The yoga practice (asana) is not about getting physically fit… it’s about moving the body (energy) through the body – losing weight can be a result but that is not why we practice yoga to get that kind of result.

For me personally…. yoga is a tool to help you discover a deeper happiness within yourself, one you probably didn’t know you were missing.

The yoga practice (meditation) is not about clearing the mind, it is about observing the mind and letting go of the million thoughts we think about regularly… trying to quiet down the mind.
There is so much science to prove that meditation does;

  • relieve stress,
  • sleep better,
  • happier and healthier relationships and so much more.


You can start your yoga practice and meditation practice with me today but join me in a class in my Yoga Tent, but if you are just interested in reading up on yoga… I would totally suggest reading Happy Yoga. Steve Ross is a wonderful man and is one of my yoga teachers who I highly look up too.

HAPPY YOGA is now one of my mantra’s I repeat because it’s simple and so that I know I am practising yoga daily to be happy. I get my kid classes to repeat this mantra before closing to help them understand that the practice is about self-happiness.




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