Happiness has always been something I seeked in life from a young age…

I remember being a kid not knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up…
I remember always just hoping for happiness in my life when in high school during a life of domestic violence and living in fear
I remember asking co-workers in the investment banking company I worked at if they were happy? Wondering if all that success they received is worth it?
I remember always feeling that there was more to life than just a job/career
JAY SHETTY always seems to inspires me to share my life when I see one of his videos because I was never one to follow in the same foot steps as others but I know it’s not easy…which is why I share my story with you to have a better understanding on my journey to becoming YOGi Kim
A life of travel,
A life of serving as a volunteer
A life of discovering new cultures
A life more than what is proscribed to us in school and our society
I remember feeling like an outcast… because I never followed getting my ducks in a row … I was called “weird”
Lucky for me… I was able to embrace my different way of thinking and the wonderous lifestyle I wanted to live and just IGNORED people that told me not to do it because they feared for me
It wasn’t easy… that I would have to sacrifice being close to my friends and family but in life, there is always a balance and I KNEW it was going to be worth it
After travelling to over 28 countries around the world many of them multiple times. Living in 6 countries and now becoming a citizen of 2 countries…I would never trade what I did. Don’t get me wrong I did have support throughout my journey along the way through the dark patches of life.
It probably seems crazy to be 33 years old and only ever I have held 3 long terms jobs in my life. I did a lot of temp admin jobs while travelling. I became an Executive Assistant at 22 years old after living in England and travelling Europe solo. That job paid for my journey over to Australia and many other holidays in the Caribbean. Work has always been about paying for travel throughout my 20’s and it shifted for me when I turned 30 and having a business and the challenge it created became more of what I sought in life.
1st Toronto EA at Top Tier Investment Bank – I wanted to travel more
2nd EA to CEO Non-profit in Melbourne – I wanted to do more photography
3rd EA to a GM in Local Government in Perth – I wanted to do teach yoga
Now…why did I… an Admin girl… THINK I could go into business for myself… well, I didn’t. I knew that I was creative enough to make beautiful photography… which is why I started Kimberley Williams Photographyin 2015. I seriously had NO CLUE and had to learn everything on the fly! I learnt how to build my own website, graphic designs and all the million software online to run your business.  I must admit to being an IT computer geek.
Moving to Perth from Melbourne was a strategic move because I knew I wanted to run a small business but I wanted to do it in a smaller pond. After my relationship ended in Melbourne it gave me an opportunity to take time out and really re-evaluate my life and the path I wanted to lead. So I took my time before hitting the RESET button on LIFE.
I spent 8 months in LA doing yoga EVERYDAY while doing my Yoga Teacher Training and spent a lot of quality time with myself. I dug deep inside myself to discover the happiness I have always chased around the world travelling was never going to satisfy me because I would always want to go to the next place. The love I would always chance in relationships in different countries would also never complete me. I was expecting happiness to come to me from an external place or person.
When I arrived in Perth for me it was all about hunting yogi’s to photograph them for my Yoga Book… (side note: I am still going to make…it’s on pause at the moment) but what I discovered was Yoga Photography was very hard to get into especially because I was starting my life over again. So I got an EA role at Lotterywest and temp there for 8 months just before I accepted the role I decided to not go ahead with the permanent role. I thought hard as I was going to be putting myself in a job I truly didn’t want and would be pushing my business to the side for a longer period.
I never intended on teaching yoga but because a few friends wanted to learn how to do it… I just started doing in at my house and it became bigger and bigger. I had to put photography on the back burner and focus on building my business as a Yoga Teacher. I knew I was going to make less money starting up but I would be doing something I love… something that would serve not just me but others as well and to me that made me SO HAPPY!
The result of going through all these different versions of myself has changed me forever. I know that I am not this person I am today… I am always evolving…we are always growing so don’t think that you have to be the way you are today. You don’t have to stay in the job you are in…you can change it no matter how scary it may feel to do something else…” the unknown” it is intimidating but always works out in the end. Your happiness in life is MORE important than staying in a job that makes you miserable. Just believe in yourself more that you will find a better job/career that may not pay you more money but may make you happier with less stress. LIFE is too short to live 8 hours of your day feeling like you are heading to prison (work)! People talk about mortgage and their family… well you can always move to a smaller house and maybe spend less on material things. There is always a way to figure out and change your current situation if you are BRAVE ENOUGH to give a care about your future life. They don’t have to be massive… small changes over time will make all the difference to your future happiness. It’s a journey till the end… and I will never stop growing and making changes in my life to make it a more fuller and happier life for myself and my family.

Here are my TOP 6 DISCOVERIES on what is IMPORTANT through my journey to discover HAPPINESS!

Yogi Hunter Kim
1. TIME – we don’t have an endless supply like we think we do…
2. LOVE – loving others is easy… loving myself 100% is hard… teaching myself every day to practice self-love/self-care is the best medicine I can give myself
3. RELATIONSHIPS – life would be boring if not shared with someone special or friends
4. THOUGHTS – what I think is very powerful so I make sure I feed my mind with healthy information… always learning new things… letting go of old thoughts that no longer serve me
5. VOICE – I have a voice in this world… speak and share wisely from the heart. What I say is what I do!
6. ACTION – What I do in my life is to lead by example… I teach yoga to inspire people to care for their body, mind and soul. To find their own happiness within
7. YOGA – Yoga is my tool for happiness I use daily to bring me to a place all for myself, to keep my in check with my body and mind… to make sure I am not forgetting what is truly important to me in this busy world we live in to…

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