Fell Off A Stool And Broke My Back

Kim on a stretcher with Ambulance men
On May 14th I had a very traumatic fall off a stool trying to paint my back deck.
I called Tony to come home… he then called ambulance 🚑 Doctors couldn’t understand what had happened because falling off a stool shouldn’t have created such severe pain but lucky for me… my security camera picked up the whole crash and once Tony shared it with the doctors… their reactions to the video spoke words.
I still haven’t watched the video you can by clicking this link…. as I felt the impact and viewers are just observing it. But the video helped them understand and do more checks on my body to ensure no internal damage was done through X-rays and tests.
Lucky for me it was all soft tissue damage no broken bones or internal organ damage. But it meant I would be in severe pain for a few weeks.
This week has been long and painful and many levels not being able to walk. Fear consuming my mind if I would ever get better as I never thought going to the toilet would feel this pain.
This week was all about dealing with pain and how much I can tolerate pain in my body that I try my ultimate best to always take care of through yoga… now I was truly being put to the test of MIND over PAIN.
I have had so much love and support from my family in Canada and UK and our mini Perth family/friends we have created these past few years.
It has scared us all so much but I wanted to share now that everything is much better. I am on the mend walking a bit more every day. I am resting a lot.
I truly have the best husband in the world. Who has cared for me in ways I didn’t think we would have to care for one another until we were seniors. 😂 Walking me to the toilet / showering me / giving me my medicine / jumping out of bed at 2 am just to help me roll out of bed so I could make it to the toilet on time as sometimes I didn’t. Honestly, there are no words to describe how much love and attention he has given this past week to make me feel so comfortable through pain.
We are so grateful I am healing quickly but know that this journey to recovery will be slow.
Special thanks to Yogis’ Lyn, Syari, Hannah and Jess for their extra support during this time. It is times like this we truly miss our parents who are aboard.
Kim on sofa with puppy Jazzie with a broken back
2.5 weeks since I had my freak accident and today I have found out that I have had broken back….a transverse process fracture in my L2 to be exact. (swipe to see my x-ray)
The hospitals did X-ray’s but didn’t see the fracture. I was seen by 5 doctors 2 of them were trauma doctors that checked my spine and didn’t discover my fracture.
My Chiro got me to do additional X-rays as he specializes in trauma accidents and was able to identify my fracture. The X-ray clinic also didn’t see the fracture and had to resend the report today. I’m so grateful to have a Chiro who was looking for my fracture as all my symptoms suggested more trauma than what the initial hospital diagnose me with just soft tissue damage.
I will note that this kind of fracture is known to go unnoticed due to the bone being so small and it’s hard to notice in an X-ray. However, before leaving the hospital Tony did ask the final doctor if a CT scan should be done and they still did not want to go ahead with a scan.
I share this experience because I have learnt that it is important to be YOUR OWN BIGGEST ADVOCATE when you go to a hospital. If you feel like you still need more checks and something isn’t right ask the doctors to double and triple check until you feel 100% certain they have done everything within their power to check that everything is okay.
I thought by 5 doctors seeing me and watching my video of the accident was a good amount of opinions to diagnose me.
If it wasn’t for my husband bringing me to the Chiro to get me checked again because he got him to have X-rays on his back he trusted he would really look into my back issues to get to the root of the problem. Also so my bestie Hannah who is an ED nurse who kept bugging me daily to get more scans done because she didn’t believe the initial diagnosis as my pain and lack of mobility was not good.
As bad as it sounds to have a fractured back… I’m sooo happy to actually have a result…an answer! It sucks though as it will be another 4 weeks of healing (6 weeks total) of just rest as I don’t require surgery. I just can’t fall or injure myself in any way.
REST…..🙄 wish me luck

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