Eco Yogi Warrior Month

Did you know that 91% of plastic isn’t recycled….it ends up in landfill, our ocean or is ingested by wildlife.  Let’s not add to that statistic. As part of Plastic Free July, I wanted to reach out to the Yogi Hunter Tribe and share my goals with you so you can help me on my quest to creating more awareness and helping change our habits with plastic. It’s not EASY… but together I believe we can slowly make small changes for a big impact.

Make a plastic free july pledge


All you have to do is email me or Facebook message me to tell me one simple pledge you are going to take on this month with regards to going plastic free. It doesn’t have to be hard…something simple… I have a list below Things You Can Do To Become An Eco Yogi Warrior This Month to help give you ideas. It could start to bring your compost to the Yoga Tent because you don’t have your own or create your own at home. Bring your coffee takeaway cup. Anything…just let me know what that is and you AUTOMATICALLY get 2 free classes added to your account. To me, it’s about making a PLEDGE that is important that you do care about this planet just like I do and are willing to change a few things today to make an impact for tomorrow.

imagine there is no plastic

Goals that I hope my Yogi tribe help me achieve this month

  1. Increase the bread tag collection jar
  2. Increase the plastic bottle cap jar
  3. Increase the plastic bottles and beauty care products for my Terracycle collection
  4. Increase the Australia post packaging for my Terracycle collection
  5. Increase more people dropping off their compost waste for my Sharewaste collection


Things You Can Do To Become An Eco Yogi Warrior This Month

  1. Bring your keep cups for coffee and water
  2. Bring your own bags for food shop PLUS fruit and veggie bags
  3. No straws or plastic cutlery or takeaway containers
  4. Bring your soft plastics back to Coles + Woolies

Brands in Australia that are helping your Zero Waste Journey
to swap out some of the simple household products today… get 10% off to start your zero waste journey at Kappi!!!!



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