Eco Yogi Warrior Backpack Kit

I had a different blog planned but considering I am currently travelling in Bali I thought I’d share with you what’s been happening and how I have been still trying to be very conscious with my #ecoyogiwarrior practises even away from home.
A lot of the stuff I brought was stuff I already always carrier around with me at home in my bag because you just never know when you might need something… it is the worse when you are out and some cafe or restaurant or shop gives you something that is SINGLE-USE.
When on holiday it’s so easy to just ACCEPT it and let go of your good habits and pick up bad ones because you’re on holiday and it doesn’t matter… but it DOES in order to keep this planet BEAUTIFUL and clean.
In Bali, a lot of us capture amazing photos like this one above but behind us sometimes there is trash on the ground…which we don’t capture even tho it’s there. We all need to do our part to keep everywhere clean.
Let’s start by carrying a backpack with items that you can easily bring with you everyday… and by doing so you can start REFUSING which is the first R of Sustainability…
Saying NO THANK YOU is such a powerful message to give owners/staff a message that you don’t want to use the single-use items that will just end up in landfill or worse… the rivers/ocean. Even if you think your small action of saying NO may not make them change right there at that moment it is still better than say YES to the item and just following the crowd of others not trying to make a difference.
Today when we ordered a large Bintang for us to share they gave us cardboard cups and I told Tony not to use them because we would be creating TRASH when we could just drink it from the bottle….because silly Kim took out the keep cups in the bag LOL! But still, we didn’t give in to the single-use item…we managed to finish our Bintang straight from the bottle!!! On the plus side of things… they provided metal cutlery which was nice so we didn’t have to use our own.
We also noticed a lot of people drinking fresh coconuts which is awesome but not so much the plastic straws in each of them… if everyone carried their own straws as we do in their bags they wouldn’t need to use plastic ones. Or maybe vendors might start giving out bamboo straw as many vendors in Bali sell them… and just washing them afterwards like they do with cutlery.
So many ways to avoid single-use items and create less trash… we just all need to be willing to try to change these SMALL habits and carry around a few more items in our bags.
Let’s face it we need to carry bottled water and a battery pack for our iPhones…so what’s the harm with carrying cutlery and straw too… it isn’t going to be much more weight and there are some amazing packable items available in the market for those who want to travel light


Eco Yogi Warrior Travel Backpack

Water bottle – one that you can fit into a sleeve with a hook so you can strap it to your backpack or purse

Keep cup – for any drink we get served to avoid single-use items even if it’s not plastic – collapsible travel cups

Cutlery, straw, wrapped in a serviette –  to keep clean and you don’t have to use napkins everywhere you go. Just simply wash at the end of each day

Lightweight dry towel – to cover the scooter seat when hot, beach blanket, hide from the sun…lots of uses

Travel scarf/Linen dress – for when you visit temples to cover-up your shorts and shoulders… this one I’m wearing is from Spell Linda Shirt Dress which is sold out but here is one in white it rolls up in my bag and was perfect when walking around in the heat. 

Speaker – Enhance holiday vibes for the beach or for scooter ride journey to make enjoyable

Lonely Planet –  Bali is a bit old school with Instagram being the main way to find places but it’s a good habit to keep if you don’t have data on your phone…they got maps

Medicine mini bag – sunscreen, bug spray, tummy tablets, Pandol etc

Electronics mini bag – battery charger, cables, headphones, wall plug if all else fails

At Uluwatu Temple, I enjoyed the rubbish bins signage Organic and Non Organic… nice way to say Compost and Trash
I hoped I’ve inspired you to pack your bags now with a few extra bits… this can apply for back home not just travelling… because lets face it… this problem of single-use items (never mind if they are plastic or not) are still ending up in the bin… when we can solve the issue by carrying a few more items in our backpack/purse.

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