Discovering the yoga hike…why I started doing them

What do you do for a living…? ⠀
For me,⠀the answer isn’t as simple as saying I teach yoga because that is not the only thing I do for a living. ⠀
It is one part of what I do… ⠀

It is my favourite part of the day when I do teach a class….⠀

But one of the rewarding parts about teaching a class is getting together a group of people. Some people might be friends already…. some people will become friends and some people will connect with themselves.⠀

This is what I do for a living… connecting people to people and connecting people to themselves in various formats.

One of my favourite ways I’ve created this unity is on my monthly Yoga Hike. These classes are so special doing them out in nature, meeting people from all around the Perth area… I get to watch people connect with new people. I get to watch people connect with themselves during the class and I feel so honoured to have created this moment in time for them to enjoy themselves.⠀

So I am not just a yoga teacher… I do so much more! 

I started these Yoga Hike classes because I wanted to be out in nature but also because I wanted to see more cool places around the WA area… only moving here in March 2016 I have still have so much to discover. Being from Canada, I grew up camping and being outdoors as I lived on a farm for most of my youth so I naturally LOVE being outdoors. I am also a world traveller and have lived in 5 different countries and I have explored 28 countries…some of them many times over. So I love a good ADVENTURE… I want these hikes to be an adventure for people. To experience being outdoors seeing places they know of but just haven’t found the time to go visit them yet…. and adding yoga a beautiful practice that helps people to connect with their bodies, mind and self.

I love getting people out and about doing things they haven’t done before…whether it to visit a new hiking trail or to even try yoga for the first time but you love hiking. Doing something new is exciting for me and I hope everyone who comes on my hikes enjoys there time because one aspect of what I do for a living is to create something people will not just enjoy but LOVE!

I believe the combination of YOGA + HIKE = SUBLIME!

I am so happy to have Tony my partner be part of the YOGi Hunter Crew on these hikes as he makes them extra special by capturing these moments for me. He has become such an amazing photographer and every hike he grows with his creativity to showcase the highlights of these events.

Lastly, we capture these moments as part of the Yoga Hike because we want people to remember their adventure with us. Nowadays we are TOO connected to our phones, and for the hike I want the students to UNPLUG from the digital world and plug into themselves. I know it’s hard not to want to capture a particular moment when you see it or feel it today because we are ALL about sharing it and I believe that is so amazing but everything needs balance. I know these hikes have beautiful backdrops which is why I take people to these places, but for me, it’s essential for the students to be present and fight against the urge to capture a moment and just “BE” in the moment. Trust me as a photographer I know how hard it is but I have also learnt how to let go of capturing moments and just being in them.  So I know it helps when someone else is there to capture those moments instead which is why I am so THANKFUL Tony comes on all these hikes with us.


“in the moment”

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