Dear 2020


Dear 2020 

Thank you for helping me learn so much about this beautiful and ugly this world is even more…. because you showed me even more …. so many times I got to ground down into what is important! 

Thank you for sending me so much love from my friends, family and community this year… they have a fundamental to my growth and strength from this year. 

Thank you for teaching me allowing this downtime in isolation… I know for others it created an environment where we’re confronted with a lot of our issues in our situation, that we need to communicate more on. It allowed me time to be creative and not feel guilty to create beautiful things around my home. 

Thank you for the lesson that no matter how much money or material things we may have, we are all the same boat when in a crisis to fight for our lives. 

Celebrations are IMPORTANT to human experience like birthday, weddings, funerals and giving birth. Thank you for teaching us that when they are altered from the usual routine of celebrating that we need to honour them even more especially our birthdays and stop pretending they don’t matter to us because they should. Getting older it doesn’t need to feel like a negative but a positive of more life experience and stories to share. 

Climate change is a global issue as we watched Australia and the Amazon burn this year… maybe the hassle of bringing our bags to the shops isn’t so bad… stoping the use of single-use plastics is a great idea to stop creating waste. I can be part of the solution to the problems of my actions. 

All lives won’t matter until Black Lives Matter does. With my white privileged, I need to speak up louder for the injustice around me. 

That the community of people you surround yourself with are WONDERFUL, and their support is so powerful, whether digitally or physically. They can lift your spirits when you feel so down. So never underestimate the power of community and be grateful always for their support and kindness.

Helping me understand the power of knowledge and making sure that I don’t just listen to what the news or others tell me that I do my research and create a better understanding vs just following the pack. 

Also, we have to UNLEARN old programming to help move forward to support this new wave of growth…

Don’t let the fear of the unknown or maybe disappointment that things are uncertain hold you back from dreaming as you would.

Collectively we all need to keep dreaming all those positive dreams so that this world can thrive in new ways like we never could imagine.

We witness what the collective consciousness could do together when we work for the same outcome.

I feel we all want to make this world a healthier, beautiful place to live. 

We need to support each other not just shop at the same big store but also the small businesses. 

We need to be kinder to one another and stop judging how we look and understand we are all just HUMAN BEINGS trying to find our place in this beautiful and ugly world. 

2020 thank you for a year of collective growth it has been rewarding to learn so much TOGETHER so that we can do more to make this world a happier place to live. 

My hope for 2021 is that more people transition into Yogi’s and find this beautiful daily practice to help them ease the mind and drop into the body and love the soul! 

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