With every inhale we take there are millions of people breathing in that same air⠀

With every exhale we take there are millions of people breathing out that same air ⠀

The air we breath is priceless, the people around us will always be there, we need to start connecting more kindly to one another in every aspect of our lives because we have a lot more in common that you may think. ⠀

We are all trying to make a living⠀
We are all trying to survive in the world ⠀
We are all hoping to stay healthy ⠀
We are all wanting to love or stay in love ⠀
So how do we practice CULTiVATING KiNDNESS ⠀

Do what you wish someone else would do to you meaning⠀

Speak openly to a boss, telling them what you wish they would say…⠀
Give food to your local food bank or make a meal for someone like a neighbour or friend who isn’t expecting it⠀
Go for a walk with a friend who needs to get out of the house but needs that support to do so⠀
Give a hug to someone who needs it ⠀
YOGI HUNTER VANCULTiVATE KiNDNESS is PRICELESS just like the air we breath ⠀

Start practising today⠀


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