A simple 101 sewing refresher class turned into a full-on afternoon of sewing all yoga bolsters and then FREESTYLE craft session of scrunchies and clutches! Advisor aka Sarah Bizzle newly married Mrs Stott *BESTIE* co-created the majority of these beauties being the PRO sewer!

The hardest part of this whole process was selecting the fabric as I thought I might go a bit neutral and not the bright colours… but then realised that’s not KiM… KiM always goes for the COLOURFUL fabrics and beautiful textures!

My other bolsters got sun-burnt just like the Tent has and needed a new shiny cover for the Grand Opening coming soon next month! Soo this has indeed made me very happy and WAY more excited about the upcoming event


I went into the craft drawers and found beads, and hooks and more beads a little koala and just had to add it on to the clutch purse Sarah put together in like 5 seconds.

SCRUNCHIES… bring it back…. so much fun!


OVERALL this project which I wasn’t looking forward too as I am not the sewer in my family like my mother is. I knew I got to keep practising to become better and Sarah has now inspired me to keep my sewing machine out. Do little mini fun sewing projects like PILLOWS… I think that will be an excellent place to stay for awhile till I get more confidence in the machine.

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