Celebrating STRONG MEN who support STRONG WOMEN!

Today is about celebrating the Women’s Right’s Movement

Women still don’t have equality in the world today in the workplace and many other aspects in the world…that friggin SUCKS but today is also about Anti-sexism day and Anti-Discrimination Day!!!!

I have read a few emails and posts online celebrating business with ALL women staffed businesses which I think is AWESOME #GIRLPWRto showcase how far we have come with more women leaders in the world today!

But the YOGi Hunter isn’t an all women business, and I am happy that it isn’t… I’d LOVE LOVE to have a male yoga teacher work with me just as much as I would LOVE LOVE to have a female yoga teacher working with me (“Universe I am putting that intention out there”)

Remember the saying “behind all great leaders there is a woman” well in my case it’s not… it’s a man and today on International Women’s Day I want to recognise my partner Tony Hajichristou… for a few reasons.

As I lead my path in business, my constant GO-TO in life is TONY, my best friend, my cameraman, tea boy, maintenance man and co-owner. We discuss all major issues together, but like all business, the CEO always has the final say… and I do after many “meetings” addressing concerns and questions… I go away and make the call with his advice in mind. We don’t always see eye to eye on matters but he TRUSTS me to make good business decisions.

We are partners in life which means we are partners in everything that we do… I am not one to divide life up in categorise…”work-life” “personal life” to me… it’s just LIFE! When we decided to have a life together we went into business with each other is the way I see it.

I could pick out a few women to mention for International Women’s Day, but I didn’t because I wanted to remind us all that it is also about ANTI-SEXISM DAY. And I feel like that part of the movement can get lost in translation when we are ONLY talking about women today and not the STRONG SUPPORTIVE MEN who stand beside us while we WOMEN TREAD OUR PATH through life today!

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