I held my first ALL MALE Yoga Charity class… this is one of many that I will be doing…

It was fun to have these many men doing yoga at one given time as I do generally teach a lot of women not because I prefer that … it’s just hard to get men to come to the mat.

Ever since I started yoga I have noticed the majority of people who practice are women…
There are many stereotypes around yoga that it is for only flexible people or women etc…
I have always wanted to break down those stereotypes and share my practice with EVERYONE regardless of size, age or gender…
Blokes Yoga Beer Socks I created this donation class to give men space for them to feel comfortable doing yoga but at the same time give back to a wonderful cause Basics for Blokes.  To learn about homeless men and how we can support them and each participant got a pair of cool socks and by coming to class a pair was donated out to the community. (See above Lenny – Founder of Basics For Blokes laughing with the boys)

I UNDERSTAND that it can get it that is can be intimating walking into a room filled with women in leggings doing back bends…

The funny thing is… most people don’t know is that when yoga began over 5000 of years ago was for MEN-ONLY practice!!!!!!

By hosting this class I want to start getting MEN back onto the yoga mat and start changing those thoughts patterns that yoga is just for WOMAN or for the FLEXIBLE…


It will only INCREASE your capability in your runs, biking and gym routine

Almost all men that do my class discover how challenging the practice really is because they discover their balance, strength and mind can always improve.

Starting with being able to hold your own body weight is a great place to always start and yoga is something you can do ANYWHERE!

So really this class is going back to the tradition of being a men-only practice for one night every few months

Blokes Yoga Beer Socks
This is the final pose… SAVASANA and sure enough we did get a few of the boys to start to snore as they truly started to relax. In this pose, we finally let go of the mind which for a lot of us is hard but when your body has worked very hard for 50 minutes the last 10 minutes of pure relaxation can slow the body and mind down and you wake up feeling GREAT!

I wanted to share some of the photos of the class but also to let you know… that we didn’t do these arm balance and acro yoga as part of the class…This happened after the class and the boys wanted to have a bit of fun so I shared some other cool ways you can do yoga.

There are poses for all body types that are easier for others and we just need to showcase that yoga isn’t about just stretching or flexibility…. YES, you can gain it but there is a lot of power and strength as well that is required throughout the practice.

Also you can donate to this cause any time you want … you don’t need to come to a yoga class to get involved… buy a pair of socks and cause awareness when you wear your socks out there #basicsforblokes

Jack had never tried yoga before until this class … check out his reviewBlokes + Yoga + beer + socks


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